Dramatic (Fantasy) Playlists on Spotify?

As I’m writing high fantasy with a lot of drama for this year’s NaNo, I’m in the need for dramatic music. Dramatic fantasy music. I’ve been listening to soundtracks of Skyrim, LOTR and Harry Potter, but they get old after a while.

Would you happen to have any other recommendations? Playlists? Composers? I already know of the gigantic Setting the Mood for Fantasy Writing playlist, but it has too much “oh I’m in an inn and someone is playing their lute and everything’s nice and calm” kind of tracks, if you know what I mean.

I’m also not opposed to listening to classical music if you can suggest a composer from that part of the music “world”.

If you’re looking for “dramatic” you might want to look into the power metal genre, which a lot of artists take to mean “it’s metal but we’re singing about elves” (and also more likely to be singing coherently and not just screaming, which I appreciate). Blind Guardian, for example, put out entire albums on Tolkien. I’ll mention Nightwish, too.

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I’ve been listening to a lot of Taylor Davis recently. She does violin covers of a lot of the music you’re talking about (she’s a video game geek) and her original music sounds rather epic.

I have a playlist of fantasy soundtracks on spotify! It’s mostly from game soundtracks, but I think they work. Here’s the playlist link.


the Gladiator soundtrack is a good one

Dramatic fantasy? I will plug Nier’s soundtrack until I die.

Have you heard of Two Steps from Hell? They have several albums with "fantasy " like music. I do a lot of soundtracks too, but I often supplement my fantasy playlists with some of their music.

The Game of Thrones soundtracks are good too, and I think they even have multiple ones for the various seasons.