Dragon Age

Where are the DA players at? Is anyone else going nuts during this drought? I can’t believe Inquisition was released five years ago. I’m both dreading and greatly anticipating DA4… (Mostly I can’t wait to punch Solas, but I’m nervous about Patrick Weekes taking over the story.)

My personal fav of the series is DA2, but I wholeheartedly loved Origins. Which game is your favorite? Who did y’all romance, if anybody? Do we dare tread into the Templar vs. Mage debate territory?

Anybody writing any DA fanfic for their project this year?

My faith in EA from the last few games they’ve released has made me HIGHLY skeptical of DA4. Ideally, it’ll be an incredible follow up to Inquisition (which I have written egregious amounts of fanfic for).

My favorite romance is with Iron Bull because he is my BOY. In spite of that, I’m complete and utter trash for my tragic Solas romance and keep going back to it because it’s a savage, unhealthy addiction. And Iron Bull/Dorian are my favorite ship of all time and it’s become a struggle to romance either of them on playthroughs because I’m too infatuated with romancing them together.

Look. I’m a mess over Inquisition and all of the emotions it gave me. I’ve come to terms with it.

Honestly after the collapse of Mass Effect, I don’t trust anything! Hoping for the best.

Iron Bull’s romance was incredible! I had to romance him twice, it was just so good. HA! I completely understand the Solas addiction. My guilty pleasure addiction romance is Cullen… Otherwise, I almost always romance Dorian.

I too am a mess over Inquisition. I was still a mess from DA2!

I swear, with each game they release that’s a flop, I get more and more nervous for anything else they churn out.

I really enjoyed the Cullen romance. I didn’t think I was going to, but it was surprisingly satisfying. Dorian’s I’m actually still working my way through (although admittedly I’ve watched all the cut scenes. Bless youtube). I think I’m almost finished with that play through? It’s been a while since I picked it up, but I should get back to it. Dorian is just SUCH a darling character. I adore him to pieces.

Confession time: I haven’t played the other DA games. I came in late to the party and only picked up Inquisition because I saw my roommate playing it and she told me she wasn’t going to romance Iron Bull. It’s on my to-do list to go back and play 1 and 2 someday. I’ve skimmed the wikis and read a lot of fanfic, so I’m familiar with the storylines and characters. I just need to do them myself someday.

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Technically speaking, EA is the publisher. BioWare is the author. BioWare hasn’t always published their games with EA. Whatever else one might blame EA for (plenty), they weren’t the ones directly responsible for most of the annoying things in the games they publish.

I kept looking up when DA4 is going to come out but I kind of stopped after speculation about it showing up at one of the big events in 2018…then 2019…and nothing coming of either of them (except some articles about the voice actors). My only hope is that a) there’s an offline option to play it, and b) it’s not some kind of MMO.

I honestly love all three of them, even if I’m not particularly fond of the linear progression of DAO and DA2. I really like wasting time in DAI looking for stuff I’ve never seen/found before because there is a lot to find. The only downside to DAO for me is the dwarf model. There’s a mod to fix their arms but I’m really bad at adding mods to games so I haven’t done it yet.

Mike Gamble, producer on the Mass Effect series, has been teasing an Andromeda sequel for well over a year at this point.

The people who want you to believe Mass Effect is dead are the people who want to harass and threaten passionate, talented creators over said belief—and clickbaiters who know otherwise but want to profit from the former group.

All of BioWare’s games significantly outsell whatever the vocal minority of the gaming community’s darlings are.

So when Dragon Age 4 launches, you can bet that there’ll be plenty of people whining about how it isn’t Origins and plenty of clickbait wanting you to believe it’s the worst game ever (probably blaming certain groups of people for that). It’ll also be a massive success in defiance of all of the people who can’t stand its mere existence.

I’m not worried whatsoever about DA4. It’s coming from a great studio that constantly puts out great games, with many talented staff who are alumni of the series.

I too was late to the DA party but i caught up quickly and now its one of my favourite franchises (Mass effect is a close second). Both franchises actively inspired my current fantasy series lol.

My preferred romance choice was always Cullen, no idea why but yeah :sweat_smile: I do love all the characters in DAI, Dorian and Bull’s banter is the best lol.

And yeah, the whole EA/Bioware situation has me nervous. As much as people say Bioware is making it, not EA, the publisher does have a track record of sticking it’s nose in where not wanted. Considering development for DA4 was scrapped and restarted from the ground up doesn’t feel comforting, not when speculation around that being because EA are pressuring them to make it more of a “live-service” game. (Cause Anthem worked so well and is thriving so much right now…)

I guess I’ll abide by my fav YouTubers mantra: “Expecting the worst, but hoping for the best”

DA:I is my favorite, I loved Origins till then. Always romance Alistair and always romance Dorian. Though romancing Zeveran was fun too.

I played DA2 only once. Romanced Anders.

I hope DA4 is good. I haven’t played a good RPG since DA:I since my hubby tends to like MMOs and I like playing with him, but I’ll be picking up DA4 and finishing it at least once or a million times I’m sure.

To be honest, I don’t care whether the game is a success or not. I care that the game is good. Whether it’s fun, its storylines are well thought out and engaging, the physical mechanics work, and what the graphics look like. I don’t usually engage in discourse when media first comes out. My opinions come from my own gameplay experiences. I’m well aware of how toxic fandoms work. And with the quality of games I see being turned out by these studios, I’m definitely nervous about their ability to pull off DA4.


Origins still is, and probably always will be, my favorite. I loved the daelish and dwarven areas. It’s the only one I’ve done multiple runs of. (city elf, daelish elf, and dwarf commoner) I generally don’t bother with romance, though.

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Couldn’t agree more, I don’t care much for the online discourse about it, I just want it to be a good Bioware story-driven game! I really don’t want it to be a weird multiplayer centric experience that lacks soul.


Aw yes, I’ve found my people!

Origins is my favorite. It just blew me away when I first played it years ago. I think it still looks so beautiful even today, the art direction is still amazing. To be honest, I like the Awakening expansion even more than the main game.

I hated DA2 when I first played it, mostly because it wasn’t Origins. I’ve kind of come to like it in later years, though. I still think the gameplay sucks, but I value the story and characters.

Inquisition … there’s so much to like, and so much to dislike. I personally don’t really like open world games because so many of them are filled with tedious fetch quests that only distract from the main story, and it seems to be the same way with inquisition. These days I play on a modded save that lets me ignore all the side stuff and focus on the main story and companions.

I have serious concerns about the next Dragon Age game. It’s hard to be excited when I’m not sure Bioware can pull it off anymore. They made a mess of Andromeda, and it killed Mass Effect. And though I haven’t played Anthem, since it isn’t my kind of game, it’s clear that one has A LOT of problems. So, I probably won’t be pre-ordering DA4 when it arrives … I’ll just wait and see.


There has been literally nothing to substantiate any claim that “development … was scrapped and restarted from the ground up”.

All there has been is claims the development was “rebooted”—pure clickbait terminology to say that they had an idea and then decided to go with something else.

You know what game was “rebooted” several times in development, according to David Gaider? Dragon Age: Inquisition—and how did that turn out? Oh, it’s BioWare’s best-selling game ever?

Also, Anthem is one of 2019’s best-selling new IPs, and the Cataclysm currently ongoing has been a massive success among players. So yes, looks like Anthem’s “worked well”.

When a video game is successful, that means a lot of people considered the video game to be good.

This is effectively saying that if you don’t like the game, it must not be a good game, and therefore everyone who does like the game is wrong to like the game.

  1. Again, everyone knows an Andromeda sequel is in development.

  2. You’ve never played a game and yet you can declare everyone complaining about it (but not the millions of people who love it) are right to complain about the game.

Look, I don’t really want to get into an argument over it. It’s good that you’re hopeful for the next game, right? And meanwhile, I’m just more cautious, because I see a lot of things that aren’t to my taste. Sure, there are plenty of people who love Anthem. But there are also many people complaining about the lack of loot, the bugs, problems with the story and NPCs, annoying mechanical problems like not being able to change your load-out in the field, and so on. So I think it’s fair to say the launch hasn’t been flawless, even if some things have been patched now.

Also, until there’s an official announcement, I, for one, am not assuming anything about Mass Effect. Saying you’d like to return to the property some day isn’t the same as announcing a sequel.


If only we had the series’s lead producer (promoted to director!) constantly teasing the sequel on Twitter, much like Mark Darrah for DA4

Or if only the Andromeda novel released after the series was supposedly “killed” ended on a massive sequel hook…

The people who’ve said Mass Effect is “dead” and the people who’ve been constantly dropping massive hints about a sequel are completely different people. The former is being said by people who personally profit from sensationalist clickbait, even if it has no basis in reality and panders to people who want to feel vindicated in abusing people over a video game.

The latter is BioWare themselves.

All right, I don’t think we’re going to come to a consensus, so this is the point where I bow out. Have a good day!


Alright, chill I was just sharing my thoughts on what I had heard. Sorry if it wasn’t 100% accurate. I had read a few different articles that broadly said the same thing.
Whatever, not looking for an argument over it.

I was also late to the party and it all started when my friend showed me a picture of Cassandra and my lesbian heart was lost forever. And then i was ‘what do you mean i cant romance Cass with a female Inquisitor??’. Like, this will be my Forever Salty thing. They created most wonderful archetype of stone butch and didn’t make her at least bi… Anyway, where were i?

DAI i’ve played multiple times both for romances and different Inquisitors, but then since i loved this game so much and spotted DAO and DA2 for almost nothing i decided to give it a try. For some reason DAO refused to launch (i fixed it later), so i started with DA2. And one destroyed life later i was absolutely devoted fan of DA franchise. I simply love whole story in DA2, i feel it is so well done and i’ve read only a few books that had so well developed plot. Yes, it is in way lesser scale than DAO i DA2 and there a lot of poorly done things in this game, there are so many replays in the game that actually replaying it is quite tedious, but the story!! and the characters!! I love the climate of this game, it’s way darker than DAI and even DAO, a bit claustrophobic and the conflict is not heroic saving the world, but kinda tedious ‘all choices are bad and you can only hope it’s not worse’. In my first gameplay i really tried to do my best, but it ended You Know How, so at my 2nd i played red!Hawke and pretended i don’t care, bc it won’t be worse, no? It. Was. Worse. I both hate and love this game.

But then i went back to DAI and was hit right in the face with something i could only describe as Chantry propaganda. Mages vs templars conflict is so flat in DAI and when i was playing it the first time i just bought their rhetoric bc didn’t know better. But now, when i knew DA2 i had Mission and decided to show it… only to discover that i can’t really? I’m missing so many dialogue options it makes me furious. I’m playing a bloody dalish elf and can’t argue with Dorian about Tevinter? I’m playing as a mage who supported revolution (why else they’d be in the temple?) and i can’t tell Viv and Cullen what i think about them?

Don’t get me wrong, i love DAI, but after DA2 i feel like BioWare or whoever created the script tried to be as diplomatic and unoffending as possible. Did they not consider that people would have strong opinions about certain matters in this game? (and people have strong opinons about mage rights or elf slavery bc for many people it hits so close to home and we see there ourselves). The fact that i can’t voice it and can’t play ic just frustrates me. Yes, the world is big and pretty and i love it, but why it came at the cost of cutting corners somewhere else? Bc that’s how i feel - they’ve got that generic male-human-warrior Inquisitor and didn’t really liked to give players too much diversity. That’s the problem i had also in DAO when i played with my angry city elf, but i’m not as invested in DAO plot. DA2 is another thing, Hawke always have that part of Haweness in them and could be consider the same character. In DAI it just makes me angry and i don’t really have time to write so many fics to address all those problems.

If you didn’t notice in my rant, yes, i’m hardcore mage supporter and i’ll fight whoever i need but Anders was right. I have so many thoughts about this, but i don’t know if you even what to read this. It’s a lot of hate in a general direction of the Chantry (not even the templars, the Chantry was a lot worse).

Funny enough i also love Fenris, my spiky sunshine. I feel like he’d be good friends with Anders if only he accepted that there are different circumstances and the south isn’t Tevinter - but also kinda understand why he can’t ‘get over’ it. That’s another topic i love but when we have an actual Tevinter mage as a character in DAI we get what? one mention and goodbye? Dudes. I also love Dorian and he should be protected at all cost, but this one argument i’d like to have at least. Apart form shipping him with Bull (best ship ever) i tend to ship him with a dalish Inquisitor just bc of that conflict, but only in fics, in game it’s just frustrating.

You’ve also mentioned Cullen. I’ll be honest, templar or no, i really like Cullen in DAI, he’s nice and cute. But. Considering his history and the fact that he appeared in both DAO and DA2 and it wasn’t really flattering appearances, it’s almost like putting together a different character. Where is my Cullen Redemption Arc (apart from my fic)? I need it. And i can’t even be mean to him with my hardcore pro-mage Anders fanboy Inquisitor, bc you can’t be mean to DAI Cullen, even if in DAO i’d gladly toss him out of the tower window. There should be growth, not ‘and now it’s different’. Leliana’s character was really nicely done, why they couldn’t do that to the Ferelden boi.

Also why no one is mentioning that Isabela is working for the Inquisition? (Varric, she’s your friend). Why Leliana and Morrigan act like they don’t have a lot of common history? Why Bull is explaining my dalish Inquisitor dalish customs? Why i can’t import my 100% pro-Anders Hawke to DAI? You know, all those little things that get on my nerves.

Comparing to later games DAO come off rather dull for me. I totally get the sentiment when it was the first DA someone played and still have a soft spot for some things (playing as city elf!! city elves are the group i most identify with) and versatility of developing characters (finally i can recreate Kiril from my stories - a battlemage who both stabs ppl with a sword and freezes their asses), but i’m not as invested in characters. Objectively i prefer that way of making ‘save the world’ plot, when the biggest difficulty is forcing people to cooperate, also Corypheus comes out pretty lame comparing to the archdemon (even if it should be another way round). But my main issue are the characters. I really like Zev, Leliana and Wynne, but comparing to, lets say, Anders, Fenris and Isabela or Cass, Dorian and Sera? Nah, not even close.

I’m starting to ramble, i know. All i have to add is that i recently discovered multiplayer so if anyone is up for a match you can find me as Niofo. Discovering multiplayer was bad, bc suddenly i have even more characters and let me tell you, Rion is absolutely appearing in my current Anders fic.

E: it’s the longest text i’ve written in English for a long time so i apologise if something come out unclear.


I will always romance Fenris in DA2, no matter how hard I try to direct myself elsewhere (nearly did an Isabella playthrough) I always end up with the elf. :joy:

I did find myself siding with Anders a lot when I thought about the whole chantry situation. Equal rights for Mages ftw :fist:

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