Go ahead and use this thread to link any Discord servers you have open for new members. Give a brief description of your server(s) and any info that seems necessary to you.

I’ll start by linking my server, Just Keep Writing. I set it up at the beginning of the year and it didn’t really go anywhere, but I’m hoping to get enough members and stay active enough on it for it to get its legs. The focus is to create a space for writers dealing with any type of mental health issues. I personally have been diagnosed with ADHD, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, and depression. I know all of those things have made writing difficult for me at times and I wanted to set up a space for other writers to connect with each other and be able to give and ask for advice.


ADHD Writer’s Club is geared specifically for ADHD writers, but anyone who can handle the so-called “squirrel” moments is welcome! It’s still pretty small right now, but we’d love to have more brains (people with ADHD) or hearts (people who care about people with ADHD)!

Nanooverachievers. Just like it sounds, it is the OA Discord. However, you don’t have to get above 50k in a month to join. We support all types of overachieving, including: writing in the off months, time in a month it takes to get to 50k, big writing days (3k, 5k, 10k, whatever!), writing with children or other outside distractions, outdoing a previous year/month in whatever way, and more!

Some people say this is a club no one else can join, but that’s not true in the slightest from my experience. We celebrate everyone’s attempts at whatever they want their goals to be. We have all types of writers, so if you just want to be more productive, come on in!

My server isn’t entirely about writing…although, it was started with anime fanfiction writers in mind, but…my Discord is for any anime/manga fans. Many of the members on the server were cabinmates for April and July this past summer, but we’re friendly!

Basically, Otakus Unite is a place to geek out about anime/manga, Japanese culture, writing and art, etc. We’re also trying to coordinate a time to watch and discuss anime together as a group. Yeah, come join us! It’s always a good time. :slight_smile: