DC Comics

Or how we call them, Detective Comics Comics, lol.

EDIT// I’ve just been informed Detective Comics is actually a comic series by DC comics and apparently DC is just DC and doesn’t stand for Detective Comics?

I saw Marvel has its own topic, so why not DC too?

I really like (some of) DC’s movies and games based on their characters. Comics? Well I’m getting to it. I’ve bought some stuff but haven’t really opened any yet. I have Killing Joke, which is something I really want to read considering its reputation. I also just purchased White Knight because it seemed super thrilling and Arkham Asylum, because I love the game taking place there.

Ok so yeah, I’m mostly into Batman bc of Batman himself and the colourful villains. What about you guys? Who’s your favourite?

I’m a big Batfamily fan! This is the part where I admit I’ve read very little since the New 52, but I’ve read… a lot of previous stuff. By which I mean virtually every Batfamily-related comic between A Lonely Place of Dying and the New 52 reboot. If I had to pick individual graphic novels that are my favorite, I’d probably have to go with The Long Halloween, Knightfall, and All-Star Superman. If I had to pick specific series, I’d go for Young Justice (the original one) and Gotham Central.

Arkham Asylum is extremely weird (it’s by Grant Morrison after all) so I hope you enjoy it but be prepared for that!

If you haven’t already read them, Batman: Year One and The Long Halloween are great places to start getting into comics Batman. While they’re not really canon anymore (not that “canon” means anything with comics), they’re a good encapsulation of the kind of person comics!Batman is. Plus they’re both just good stories.

Oh I think I got Year One from my dad when he got a better (hardcover) version of it! I just don’t have it with me in my current apartment.

And yeah “canon” is definitely a weird concept with comics bc everything gets relaunched over and over again. I guess it’s okay, meaning you can start reading from a lot of different places. But it’d be awful trying to know everything and trying to make it into one, understandable canon, lol.