Welp, it’s that time again… we are in dire need to have this thread up… why you may ask? the answer is this… some people may like to write for more then one series/show/book ect. I for one am a multi-series x-over writer, what is/ are your favorite shows to write and how do you make it work…

A while ago I wrote a crossover fic for two different sport anime. It worked pretty well as they were both set in Japan and whilst the characters played different sports, they all mingled and played off each others traits quite well.

The biggest issue I found was juggling something like 30 characters all at once and not doing any of their characterisation a disservice, but I felt like it was a positive learning experience :smile:

One of my current WIPs is a crossover between the band Hanson and a series of mobile games called Lifeline, specifically the first game and its two direct sequels. Basic premise of the first game is that an astronaut is stranded on a deserted moon after a spaceship crash, and it’s up to the player to make sure they survive. I mostly decided to write this crossover because the main character of the three games I’m writing for and one of the members of Hanson share a name. :grin:

I don’t usually write crossovers, but I have been trying to write one that’s Miraculous Ladybug/Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (1991), set in the middle of “Timetagger” for the show and before all but the prologue for the movie. I have no idea what my plot is, largely because I don’t want to derail the movie plot altogether, and I don’t know how to get Marinette and Adrien in the same room as the Beast without one or both of the ML characters thinking stuff that can be loosely but accurately paraphrased as “time to derail the movie plot!”

I’ve got a few crossover ideas that I’ve been poking at. I’m probably not going to be working on any of them in November, but you never know. Doctor Who seems to feature prominently in my crossover brain box, which I guess makes sense given how the TARDIS can go just about anywhere.

I have a Doctor Who/Legend of Korra story I started a few years back called the Spirit Trap, which to my shame I put on hiatus after publishing the first few chapters and before getting to the meet of the action. I have definite plans of where I want it to go, but other projects pull me stronger.

I have a one-shot for Doctor Who and the manga/anime series Aria (which is about young gondoliers on Mars in the future) and ideas for other one shots with that combination.

Finally I’ve got ideas for a Doctor Who/Overwatch crossover that I’ve actually done some work on. Really it’s more of the Doctor Who universe, since it mainly involves UNIT and the Doctor themself might not actually appear. I’ve learned my lesson and won’t start publishing if I haven’t got far enough to sustain momentum.

Finally, it’s more of a fusion than a crossover, but I’ve been working on a Legend of Korra fic in the style of P.G. Wodehouse for close to a year now. Progress is slow, but so far I’m pleased.

I have one idea for a Miraculous Ladybug and Rise of the Guardians crossover which I have started a few times, but it needs some extra plotting and other projects have caught my interest more, so I’ll have to get back to it later.

Another crossover idea I have is Miraculous Ladybug and Teen Titans. I have a lot of it kinda mapped out, but I’m afraid I haven’t actually seen enough Teen Titans to do those characters justice. So that will wait until either I have enough time to watch the series in its entirety or find a collaborator or at least beta reader to work with me on it.

I think I’ve read more crossovers than I’ve actually succeeded in writing, though these two are my most promising ideas.

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I write so many crossovers. These are the ones I’m working on right now and updating on AO3.

Spider on the Wall - Ronin Warriors/Ultimate Marvel verse
Fate & Justice - Ronin Warriors/Young Justice
The Pure Moon - Sailor Moon/Hellsing
Ranma ½ - Shoelace Tangle - Ronin Warriors/Ranma 1/2
Spiced Rum - Yu Yu Hakusho/Batman
New Rules, New Game - Yu-Gi-Oh/X-Men Evolution
Deadly Sins - The Seven Deadly Sins/Criminal Minds
The Horned Prince - Harry Potter/Avengers
The Crystal Flute - Yu Yu Hakusho/Superman/Batman

The project I’m currently working on is a Mega Man X/ Dungeons and Dragons crossover, and I’m having a ton of fun with it.
The idea for this project actually started with me wondering what would happen if Axl suddenly got turned into a human somehow, and then the story has kind of developed from there until it turned into Axl, X, and Zero (in that order) each falling into portals to Faerûn—caused by a mad wizard breaking an ancient Netherese artifact—and being totally out of their element. Now they have to figure out where the pieces of that artifact went and put it back together so they can get home. While being attacked by the mad wizard’s assassins.
One of the most fun parts of this project was figuring out what class each of the main trio would be, and then figuring out the rest of the party that they meet (they don’t get an actual healer until late in the story, whoops).
I’m still iffy on my title, though.

where is your AO3 please

Here you go. :slight_smile:


One of my long running projects is a Monster High/Ever After High/Disney Descendants/Doctor Who crossover.

It is very much a big ball of wibbly wobbly times wimey stuff :stuck_out_tongue: