Create and Submit Your Own Themes

If you are familiar with Discourse, or technically savvy, YOU can actually create themes, and have them installed here! In fact, if you do so… you’ll get a shiny badge!

Here’s the Discourse guide on themes.

Would you like to make your own themes? Guess what… now, you can. And we might even use them right here on this site!

You can create themes without installing Discourse using their Theme Creator.

Here’s the guide on doing that:

So if you want to do this, and have YOUR THEME presented here on our site, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Familiarize yourself with how themes work in Discourse.
  2. Create your theme.
  3. Post it on Github so we can access it and you can keep it updated as needed.
  4. Create a post in this forum with a link to your Github repository

There will be a process for reviews, polling, etc. Not every theme will be accepted! If your theme is chosen, you’ll get a very special badge, your theme will be installed, and other participants will be able to use it!

Please note that most of our existing themes are created by other Discourse users. For problems with them, you’ll need to reach out to their creators. They can be found in the Discourse Meta forums here. (For example, here is the thread for the Vincent theme we have installed.)

Do report issues with installed themes here, since if a particular theme is buggy, we probably need to disable it until it’s fixed or uninstall it. We can’t fix them directly though.


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