Crafters, Makers, and Artists

Let’s make a thread for showing off the stuff we make! Yarn and textiles, woodworking, papercrafting, model building, sculpting, painting, upcycling furniture, 3D printing–what are you doing when you’re working with something other than the written word?

I’ve got yarn and a pattern and I’ll be making myself a warm viking helmet this fall. Here’s some other stuff I’m up to:


Wouldn’t this go in Artisan’s corner? Or is that just for things related to what you’re doing for NaNo?

Where’s it located?

Hmm. That’s a good point. Typically NaNo Artisans has been specifically for items created FOR NaNo (such as covers, character art, etc)… We’ll mull it over.

For future reference, the former NaNo Artisans is now at #helpful-resources:artisans

After deliberation, I’ve moved from #outside-the-box to #helpful-resources:artisans.