Contemporary/Realistic Fiction

Hey, all! I made this topic because this is the only genre I ever write in, and I was hoping to find like-minded people to discuss the issues, benefits, and other such stuff about this genre with. For example, how do you add action to a realistic fiction book while keeping it realistic? How do you create ‘villains’, aka antagonists, for a realistic fiction. Also, maybe we could discuss and share facts that some of us don’t know much about (ex: I know nothing about high school because I was home schooled, but I do know everything about raising chickens in the middle of a big city, growing up with a ton of siblings, starting college at fourteen, etc. so I could trade information with someone!). If anyone is from this genre or just wants to chat, welcome!!!

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Hello! I write other genres and while realistic fiction is only a minor thing, it’s still one of them, lucky you. I don’t write it completely per say, but it’s actually a huge yet subtle part of my writing in terms of recurring themes, plots, and literary motifs, so I’ll be in this thread as the unofficial “speculative genre” person.

I write plenty of fantasy, science fiction, supernatural, and the occasional horror, but I also write these stories dealing with slice of life elements and plots more than action (but I’m a firm believer in plot and character being inseparable instead of the whichever-driven argument) because I like drama and conflict between characters and their interpersonal relationships. And I still keep the fantastic elements present and balanced.

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@PassionNight, Finally someone on this thread!!! You don’t know how much it means to me that someone replied! :heart: Thank you!

As for the actual topic of this thread, yes! The main reason I write this genre is because I come from a huge family, so I have a TON of experience with family drama, relationships, siblings rivalry, parent/child conflict, etc. etc. etc… :wink:

Actually, the main plots of my stories are these conflicts and inner battles, rather than an action-packed plot. I just can’t seem to get the action scenes right, so I sided completely with this genre. :relaxed:

Thanks for joining! I’m glad you’re able to combine genres, that has go to be interesting! Happy writing! :memo:

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Hello fellow contemporary friends! I’m not currently writing a contemporary/realistic story (although I am writing a story with many realistic elements right now), but I’ve written for this genre a lot before. My NaNo novel last November was actually contemporary! I’m hoping to rewrite it at some point this year, but I haven’t figured out how to fit it into my schedule yet.

On the topic of what you guys were talking about, I write realistic for the same reason! Characters are my absolute favorite part of writing, and I love having the ability to explore drama, development, and relationships without an adventure/disaster/evil villain/etc.(Not that I don’t go overboard with character backstories, relationships, and development in any other genres, haha.) Those stories are fun, but sometimes I just want to write about interesting people and a slice of their lives.

I also love writing contemporary/realistic because it doesn’t require a whole lot of worldbuilding, so you can just come up with some characters, a vague direction of where the plot should go, and let the characters lead the story. That’s something I can’t do with science-fiction or fantasy, because the plot matters as much as the characters, but in contemporary/realistic I can just write about my characters without fear of losing touch with my original plot.

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Thanks for responding! I thought I’d be the first to answer this often desolate thread.

I don’t think a lot of people realize that fiction can benefit from more slice of life stories in the fantasy, science fiction, supernatural genres, etc. Not to say action is bad or overrated. (I’m fortunate enough that I came a long way with my own ability of action/fight scenes and we all know they’re hard). However, going back to slice of life plots in fantastical fiction, I think this combination in narrative is very underutilized because sometimes we don’t often see the background of a story’s society functions of a daily basis as part of the world building and the narrative.

However, I can’t really say I have much experience dealing with real life situations myself concerning family such as sibling rivalries or parents, because my family never had many significant events for me to work from, nor am I interested honestly.

Just a thought.

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@TheKingStarfish, yes! You just put into words exactly why I write this genre. I am terrible with worldbuilding, and it always sounds so fake. Drama is always so much better. :wink:

@PassionNight, I agree. This genre is far more important because one can explore our own society, which is extremely complex as it is.

If you need help with reference for such plots, let me know! I have a ton of experience with family drama, LOL!

I won’t deny worldbuilding is hard! I’m slowly getting better at it but it’s not easy. For me personally, I never had the patience for the minute aspects and getting down every single detail. XD

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Yes! I’ve always just wanted to plan the big picture, and no specific things like where they got their food, etc.

How fun ! I use this as characters constructor.

I put magic plot with realistic background, so my genre is between fantasy and contemporary text. In fact, my researches about the town, region even, are as important as those for the magic system and witchcraft History. (and I am writing about where I live :grimacing:)

Most of my stories are this genre, though I’m trying to expand to mystery and new weird and stuff like that, but I’m still trying to keep everything contemporary / (semi) realistic. It’s an interesting genre, because the possibilities are endless, and that’s why I like it. Though I guess my work could be called “transgressive fiction” instead of contemporary, but isn’t transgressive fiction kinda contemporary?