Coffeehouse writing

Anyone else sitting in a literal coffee shop, writing or procrastinating on writing?

What is it about the atmosphere at your particular coffeehouse that makes it so conducive to writing?

…And how do I get there? :weary: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I haven’t yet found my holy grail coffee shop writing spot. I live in a fairly large metro area, so it’s hard to find something that isn’t crowded to hell. Crowds bring noise, and noise is something I can’t do while writing. Even the libraries here are crowded and noisy!

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The noise is part of what makes it work. Its like listening to music, but instead of music its people chatting about politics and parents yelling at their children for spilling their juice all over the table.

A lot of it though is understanding when the slower periods where there aren’t as many people there. Not that it always works. I know a Denny’s that is usually dead, but once in a while they’ll get a large group with no volume control (and you won’t get any drink refills because there is only one server because they were not expecting a crowd!). My usual is a Panera because even when busy it doesn’t get too loud (and this only goes for one location not the other five I pass heading there). Really more important to me is being able to find a comfortable spot to sit for hours. Needs to be more comfortable than sitting around at home,

And the loud library thing is confounding me. Even in the tiny library up the street it’s always dead quiet. The larger libraries for this town are a little louder but not my much. LA Central is loud on the bottom floors (ie the entrance, cafe, giftshop) but the many upper floors are silent.

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I like the white noise type of background conversation, but there definitely gets to be this level of loudness that even noise-muffling headphones don’t quite cancel out. I’ve yet to find a late-night coffee shop or writing spot in general, but I may begin to give Denny’s a try since they’re open 24/7. I just know my local Denny’s has tables that are way too high to type comfortably, so maybe I can look around for a different type of seating situation.

I have a coffee house nearby that I like to go to because they actually have coffee I like. I’m really particular, so at most coffee places, I end up getting tea. I don’t like “good” coffee, so not sure how to describe it.

Anyway, they are local and are part of the hospice, so what you buy there helps the hospice. The only thing I don’t like is that there is often just one other group there, and not only are they loud enough to hear, but because they are the only ones there, I end up listening to their conversation, and it is almost always the opposite of my political views, so makes me anxious. But if I can tune them out, it’s a great place to write.

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I find with almost any coffee shop I can work on writing, unless I’m completely not in the mindset (which has happened from time to time). But frequently if I don’t write at the coffee shop, I can still get in excess of the NaNo daily once I get home. (Except this month. It’s only when I’m writing at the coffee shop that I get the word count I need in the day. growls at self)

There are a couple of good Starbucks for that, two good Second Cups, the local coffee shop Coffee Matters - the one in my city/town is within easy walking distance of me - and I’m going to try The Mad Catter at some point over the next month or so. (The last is a cat café, and I want to see whether being crawled over by cats at a coffee shop works as well.)

Note that I find the Tim Hortons to not be good for writing - quite frequently they don’t have outlets, and they seem to be noisier than the other coffee shops. I know it’s practically blasphemous, being a Canadian and not liking Timmy’s for writing in, but I’ve got Second Cup for that. :smiley_cat:


Ooh! I wish we had a cat cafe!


I just discovered it last month, but apparently it’s been there for a few years. They even adopt out cats!


Newer renovated McDonald’s add more outlets. One I used to go to often was designed for people to hang out there for hours

And there’s a Tea and Games shop here that is also a cat rescue (they are expicitly not a cat Cafe) tends to be loud though

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That thread literally made me ask that question for the first time. I mean, since I moved. I haven’t really looked into coffee shops, and I’m not entirely sure how my new region is going to be as it’s for a city that’s like 20 min by train, so it’s not going to happen often if at all for write ins. Maybe there’ll be some wrimos where I am though, fingers crossed.

I haven’t explored the city much since I got here, so I had a look around Google Maps and I don’t see anything that wouldn’t be closing around 18:00…

There’s a pub nearby, but I don’t really know. It’s not looking good. Also not entirely sure how safe it would be to walk around at night around here.

EDIT: I guess there’s a MacDo nearby, but I really don’t feel like writing there. But… McFlurrys… hmmm :thinking:


Full disclosure, one of the reasons I eventually invested in a separate, smaller, lighter laptop specifically for writing and productive work is because I’m significantly more likely to bring that along with me to a café or library than my much heavier gaming laptop. :stuck_out_tongue: I love the ambience of writing in a coffeeshop, even though my small town doesn’t have many, so I want to do that more! Getting out of the house and changing up my writing space helps with refreshing my creativity levels, as well as just being good for me (compared to holing up in my writing cave for weeks like the hermit I can be), so I try to make that easier for me by removing my excuses one by one.

Europe’s got a solid heatwave going at the moment, which forces me into hermitude whether I like it or not since I’m on medication that reacts badly to sun exposure, but next week is supposed to be a lot cooler, and I’ve already made plans for what to bring with me to the nearest café as soon as I get the opportunity. :smile: Until then, I make do with Coffitivity, which at least provides the auditory experience even if I’m technically still at my desk or on my couch with my instant mocha. Not quite the same, but it’s much better than having the exact same day seven days in a row!


I recently discovered the absolute joy of writing in a hospital coffee shop.

Our son was in the hospital for a week back in Feb and they had a Starbucks on the ground level. It was great sitting in there and listening to the soft conversations of doctors and nurses. There’s always a few med students clicking away on laptops or scratching in notebooks so you’ll never be judged for working. I tend to get self conscious writing at pedestrian coffee shops because I feel like a pretentious a-hole. :sweat_smile:


Hope what happened to have him in hospital got resolved nicely!

I actually see people working in coffee shops all the time - I’m usually not the only one working on a laptop unless there’s very few people there when I get there. What I don’t tend to see (but I often do) is people reading in coffee shops, either hardcopy books or eReaders. :smile:

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I can’t say that I’ve ever written in a coffee shop (we have so many around here that I have not gotten around to venturing out and finding a favorite spot!), but I do recently do some grad work in the local Panera. That was a nice experience. Might have to remember that for November!

He’s doing great, thank you! Salmonella poisoning that came from a cookie someone gave him (!!) which then lead to kidney damage. It was crazy, but thankfully he is all better now :grin: