Character Questionnaire

I’m not the original creator of this thread, but it’s one of my faves from the Character Café on the old forum, so I figured I’d bring it over here.

The rules are simple: Someone asks a question. The next person answers it in character, from the point of view of one (or more) of their characters, and then leaves a question for the next person.

I’ll start off with the first question: What is your primary goal in the story? What makes it so important to you?


All I desire is to find my home and my family. My heart longs for the gardens in the mountain, my ears to hear Father sing but once more, and my body aches from the task my master has given me. I cannot belong here, just as I cannot be free here. I belong home.

Who is your strongest enemy, and why do you fight with them?


My strongest enemy? Myself, the vast abyss of my mind in which I often fall and ensnare myself in the net of self-doubt and hatred and… Bleh, this sounds too philosophical now. I was just trying to be dramatic.

Who is someone, other than yourself, whom who absolutely hate (doesn’t have to be for a good reason, either)?