Changes information for new users

Hi there everyone,

I was wondering if there is a plan to send out some sort of message to nano participants who haven’t been beta testing to explain the new features and processes of the new forum. Perhaps it would help if people understood what the TLs mean and how the nesting is replaced by the replying stuff. Maybe advanced notification of how things will work would help with confusion and people being irked by the differences? I’m not sure the bot training is really clear enough to show all the differences between the forums.

Edit: I wanted to add that now that I understand the new changes, the new forum is really growing on me and I don’t feel upset by any of the features. I would like other people to be able to feel comfortable like I do.


One of the emails definitely should link to the Trust Levels explanation. Particularly since it’s hosted by Discourse itself, people might not expect it to apply to our site if it isn’t posted by HQ


Dunno about an email, but we have a thread.

At least the importance of TL0 and getting into TL1. As I’ve witnessed the uproar of people being silenced in my region for posting too many messages, before realizing there are new user limitations, I think it will be crucial information to people, who might bypass the discobot-greeting message.

Personally I thing that would be enough to your average participant. Maybe a link to the thread @SepiaAndDust mentioned for those that are more interested about the rest and invested enough to the forums to want to know more.
I may be wrong though, as I don’t have the stats about how large amount of participants are active writers on the forums, as I myself am just an average user, active only between august-december.


This is a good idea. I didn’t really feel like I understood how to work these forums until I went through that thread, and I was around here for quite a while before I ever even found that thread. (I struggled a lot with navigating these forums at first, for some reason. Now I’m a pro! :wink:) I enjoyed the discobot tutorial, but he mostly just teaches you how to post. I was a little frustrated after doing the tutorial that people kept saying “Discobot teaches you everything you need to know!” Because I still felt like there was a lot I didn’t know after the bot’s tutorial.

It was kind of fun figuring stuff out on my own, but I know some people get frustrated by that. Also, it may be more difficult for people who are just now finding their way to the forums, because there’s so much more here now. (I learned a lot from the “Honest Feedback” thread, but that thread is pretty long now, and I don’t know how many new users will read through the whole thing.)

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