Challenge the person below you!

Just a disclaimer: this game isn’t my idea; it was created by @Elluna_Hellen on the old forums. I’m just moving it over here.

From their post on the old site:

The idea is that you challenge the WriMo below you to some kind of sprint or prompt. This can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it. From “Do a 15 minute word war” to “Write 500 words in 20 minutes. Include a purple cat and at a character who gets themselves into trouble at least 3 times,” and anything in between.

Please do keep it fun though. No “write 5000 words in the next hour”. No “Write 1500 words in 10 minutes.” No LITERALLY ANYTHING that ends in “keep trying until you make it.” Also no entire crawls! Keep it fun and doable for everyone, not frustrating!

So I’ll start: I challenge the writer below me to have a character say something that seems hilarious… until the other character(s) realize they’re being serious.

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“Hey, weren’t you in that dead man house?”

“The what?”

“You know, the house you put dead people in.”

“You mean a crypt?”

“Ya, a crepé. Why were you in the dead man house again?”

“I was visiting my grandma…”

"Wait… Your grandma’s dead?! But I just got cookies from her house like an hour ago!”

That work? I challenge the next person to write the craziest dialogue they can come up with. And I mean crazy, bonkers, banana balls kind of dialogue. I want to laugh in confusion.


“Hey, you got the stuff?”
“Yeah. You got the 45 lbs of process chicken I ordered?”
“You sicken me. No one needs that much process chicken. Especially on Tuesdays.”
Hands him cart of processed chicken, weighing at about 45 lbs, plus one cart.
“Look who’s talking. I have my needs, you have yours. Now stick your phalanges in someone else’s custard.”
Hands him a roll of striped beluga whales.
“Fine, fine. I got what I wanted, you got what you wanted.”
Man who wanted 45lbs of processed chicken leaves.
“Good… Good… Now all is going according to plan. Now all I need is a man in a cheap santa claus costume and a couple of goats.”

I challenge the writer below me to write a melodramatic, over the top, soap opera-esk tragedy…
about butter.