Help! Your browser is eating my head!

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BTW: How’d you manage to go back to your old username? I kinda liked “Sex, Drugs, and NaNoWriMo” :smiley:

It was through a round-about process that required him to update his username on the regular site and then on the preview site.

Personally I have a similar issue but kept mine to see how it would break the import process when the emails match but the usernames don’t due to changing it on preview :slight_smile:

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I was just gonna say Necromancy.

I liked SDaN, too. It’s not really me, though. More comfortable in my old familiar skin.

Taking one for the team!

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Okay, now I’m curious. What are you testing?

Will it handle the change correctly (keep it), gracefully (revert to my old name), or worst case (lock me out).

I seriously doubt it will do the last one but still better to know even if it can’t be much of an issue after the big migration. :slight_smile:

Can I just say your dedication to helping us troubleshoot this process has been nothing short of awe-inspiring?

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Always happy to help. And I’m me again. :smiley:

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