Can’t message or @ most users

Only certain usernames show up if I try to @ someone or send a message. I’m able to search for people who were on the old site and send buddy requests, (which is also bugged though) so their accounts still exist, but I can’t message them

That is by design. It will only show a certain number of available accounts when you mention it. It doesn’t load the entire user list… You need to narrow your search by adding more letters to show more people. Adding the next letter will narrow the list further, and so on.

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I did that if u look at the second picture. All the usernames just disappeared. Idk why it got formatted like that but here it is again

That’s because there’s no user by that spelling in the database. If they haven’t logged in to the preview site, their accounts haven’t been imported yet.

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It looked like it was imported though. I’m not sure are the preview site and the forums completely separate websites?

Yes. Until they log in to the Discourse side, it can’t “see” them.