Is there anything planned for the buddy system?

In itself it looks principally good (having a mutual system).

But it seems to be separate from the forums, where people actually spend their time (for obvious reasons). I did not see a buddy request until the person told me elsewhere “Hey, I asked to buddy you”. I’ve asked one person who probably hasn’t noticed it.
Also looking for people to add is tedious, having first to search for their username (instead of clicking their name at the forums).’

Also, there seems to be a separate mail system between buddies on the preview site One more mailbox that you can forget to check (and especially as I suppose time will mainly be spent on the forum’s side).

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That seems to be more of a back and forth chat system, than mail system, I think. I was trying to get my co-ML to test it with me but they squirreled.

I’m not sure where ‘Broadcast’ type messages will show up.

Yeah, I sent a test message and it looked like that. But anyway: one more spot to check if you by chance have messages.

Continuance:And the person I sent it has not yet noticed she got a message, though she is active here all the time…

Buddies won’t be ready for a bit. It’s not integrated with the forums in any way.

It’s coming!


Well, buddies on the old site aren’t connected to the forums either, so that’s not changing the way they work.