Badge Suggestions!

Have you noticed those badges, yet? If not… stop right here, and go take a peek. I’ll wait.

Some of those are automatic. You’ve probably gotten a couple yourself before you even found this topic! One of the best ones to get is the Certified badge, earned for completing Discobot’s basic tutorial!

Others, however, are not. These are special badges, assigned by staff. One of them is of course the limited edition Beta Tester 2019 badge, awarded by request during the beta period.

So if you could design any badge at all, what would it be? Who knows… maybe your idea will be implemented!

Fun facts: Our badges use Font Awesome icons to display their images.

Have you gotten your beta tester badge yet? Act now, while supplies last. Limited time only.

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Mod Minion? Snort!

Speaking from experience… not all reports are alike. I can’t tell you how often I’ve had to tell people to stop spite reporting.

Then there was the one person who literally reported every instance of profanity on the site from “crap” on up…

New badge–Nanny.

Who said all badges had to be good? Make a big-ass scarlet A and an albatross, too!


Genre badges - if they post in a certain category x number of times in y time frame?
5, 10, 15 year badges
All In {year} - did both camps and NaNo in a year


Maybe a badge for dedicated RPers?


I’d suggest velociraptor badge, but I suppose badges should probably have a purpose as well as a cool name.


I… kinda feel like this is a thing we need.


Overachiever badge for anyone who goes way over 50K?


I like all of these suggestions.

I also feel like we could have fun with the badge names for genres. Things like “Loremaster” or “Archmage” for Fantasy, “Space Explorer” for Sci-Fi, “Cupid” for Erotica. And then maybe those could be titles as well?


How would these badges be implemented? Would we be able to self-assign some of these badges, like the Plotter/Pantser/Plantser badges on the NaNo site? Or are these staff-assigned only?

Staff-assigned only. It helps to read. Hmm.

Maybe a badge for someone who leaves/adopts a lot of adoptables, or who offers a lot of NaNo advice, or spends waaaaaay too much time in the games or RP forums (how do they finish their novels?!).

And maybe edible/inedible badges that staff and mods can remove at will… :wink:

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There’s also a possibility for SQL query badges, but those’ll be down the line.

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Actually, there’s a site setting that only the devs can toggle that would make some of the badges being recommended possible.

Perfect example. This one can be implemented with an SQL query, but those types of badges are turned off by default to protect admins from themselves. :slight_smile:

This one could be done via SQL with a bit of input from the site side. It would depend on the APIs available on the site side of things.

There’s a part of me that likes this one, and a part that doesn’t. There are a lot of RP type threads that aren’t in the RP category. Would the wrimos who post in those threads be able to earn it? I wouldn’t want people to feel like they had to regularly post in the RP category to earn it. :slight_smile:

ETA: Hah, heather snuck a post in while I was typing!


lol! We seem to do that a lot, don’t we? GMTA?

Yep. And just for fun, here’s an actual SQL query for a badge that would work here if they were enabled:

DISTINCT ON (p.user_id)
p.user_id, post_id, p.created_at granted_at
FROM badge_posts p
WHERE p.topic_id = 1192 AND
  (:backfill OR IN (:post_ids) )

That one would automatically grant the Beta Tester 2019 badge to anyone who posted in the Beta Tester Badge topic.