Badge link goes to private message

This is currently listed under one of the badges:

Moderation Shenanigans is a thread only readable by staff. Not a big deal in this case, but it could be a really big deal if the wrong thread gets listed under some badge for all the world to see.

Just a heads-up.

lol! It’s a private message, in fact. What a quirk. Thanks, I"ll fix that!

Ohhhh… that could have been really bad.

Normal participants can’t see mod only threads. I had a panic attack the other night and had @Twinkle_Toes_the_Berserker check for me because there could have been a very bad issue if that was not standard.

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Rumor has it there is a secret post in this post. Shhhhhhh.

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Stop looking at my screen!

Go sit by KB then!

No Way!

Generally speaking others can’t see posts they don’t have access to. A badge being granted for a message in a PM thread is one really odd exception to that rule.

The reason it happens is that PM threads are just regular threads with restricted access stored internally in a special category.