Attentive August

Another month, another round of goals.

What are you doing? Where are you? Why are you? How are you? (Is it clear I write this while quite tired? I don’t think I’m living up to the adjective.)

As with last month, we’re mirroring to the old forums. Change is coming and only one of these threads will be still accessible come November (but you already knew that).

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A real list of goals? Do I have to?

  • Lose weight? (works better when it’s not on the list)
  • Prepare to look for new work
  • read some damn books
  • Finish this round of revision
  • Outline the several sequels, so I know which to do for November.
  • Finish a video game
  • Do those AutoCAD lessons I bought
  • Get to sleep at a reasonable hour.
  • Watch one of those shows I’ve been wanting to watch but delaying.
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My current list looks something like this:

  • Finish moving to new apartment.
  • Prepare for the LARP I have at the end of the month.
  • Keep working on an outline for the plot that fell in my lap during Camp July, in preparation for November.
  • Finish watching all those shows I’ve started and flitted between.
  • READ BOOKS. I have so many I haven’t even touched yet!
  • Finish the two cosplays I’m working on.
  • Keep working on my RPG campaign.
  • Remember to breathe sometimes. It’s gonna be a busy month.
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Seems like two of my writing projects ended up on top of each other, so August for me will be:

  • Finish editing stories for the Welcome to the Alpacalypse anthology and get them back to their respective authors for changes.
  • Start working on the interior of the anthology, including story placement, chapter start images, and overall design.
  • Finish the hardcover page design for Cinema Connections: a never-ending 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon and convert to paperback and eBook. (I hope to be done with this project by the end of August so I can focus on the marketing for the end-of-September release).
  • Polish and upload the backlog of movie and book reviews to my website.
  • Go on vacation (camping with the family, yay!)
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Can I join the thread? I just moved and would like to get back to focusing on writing again.

August Goals:

  • Hit 90k in Rosefire Kings
  • Edit first chapter of DF
  • Submit a short story somewhere
  • Go to TW practice at least once
  • Order and set up desk in office
  • Post Patreon monthly update
  • Post paid Patreon update
  • Put up blog post
  • Get at least halfway through beta novel

August Stretch Goals:

  • Submit a second short story somewhere
  • Unpack all boxes in my office
  • Put together edit notes for SotS
  • Pull together plotting outlines and see if I can make it work for Hunter’s War
  • See if I can make a plotting outline work for The Bastard Prince
  • Read a book
  • Finish beta novel

At the minute this is what I’m thinking I would like to achieve in August:

  • Hit 20k in Lost Kingdoms

  • Start reading through first draft of WATF and make a note of changes to be made

  • Workout three times a week

  • Keep learning French on Duolingo

  • Sign up for some temp agencies and hopefully pick up a few shifts

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Declaring a few things here so I can’t pretend they were never on my list:

  • Register for classes and start them. I’m going back to school part-time after … seven years off. So it’s gonna be an interesting ride.
  • Finish unpacking from my move, since that really needs to be finished.
  • Finish outlining Fraternité
  • Outline The Bell Tolls for Marin
  • Outline at least one of the talent verse side stories (probably Raven’s Quill). If I have focus issues let’s at least make some headway on everything I’m drifting between, yeah?
  • Collected 10k of not outline
  • Finish at least one more of the shiny research books that have been just sitting there? Assuming jobs and homework don’t eat me. Jobs and homework may eat me.

Unpacking takes so long. :crying_cat_face:

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Ideally I would like to have a list of goals, but I’m not sure what it is that I need or want to achieve…

I guess my goal right now is to figure out what my goals are for this month.


I’ll join this!

My to do list for August:

  • Continue walking everyday
  • Finish my first draft of the second book in the series. (Only have the last chapter and the rest of two fight scenes left to write.)
  • Watch a few TV shows to catch up on some seasons
  • Finish BOTW
  • Figure out what I want to write for November Nano.
  • Maybe write some outline for book three in my series.

I’ve slacked off on goal-setting lately, so…time to fix that!

  1. Study/Prep for written exam
  2. Pass the written exam
  3. Continue searching for open teaching jobs
  4. Apply for any open teaching jobs that I find
  5. Attend interviews when requested
  6. Continue watching new Fruits Basket anime each week
  7. Continue planning multiple Fruits Basket fanfictions (while I’m still inspired)
  8. Poke again at my original series and see if I can get that working again
  9. Continue working out at gym and/or swimming for exercise
  10. Start off the new school year! (Secured a “long-term” job, but I’d love a “full-time” job!)
  11. Help out at university’s band camp when I get time
  12. Attend my high school class’s “informal” 10-year reunion (that is intimidating!)
  13. Go on Vacation #2 for the summer!

Let’s see…is that enough to keep me busy this month? XD

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August Goals

  • Maintain 7 active queries at all times
  • Figure out the basic plot for Struck
  • Review outline for Unit One
  • Continue submitting chapters of Sumac for critique and make edits
  • Work on job stuff
  • Submit something (probably flash fic)
  • Have at least 15 pages of notes for Struck
  • 50 total hours of writing related activities
  • Go through my closet
  • Get the place picked up more
  • visit my parents and best friend
  • work on touch typing, 15 min per day
  • keep up social media presence, 1 post per day
  • Add in time for self-care, especially when I get rejections
  • Do a few things on the long-term to do list
  • Have ice cream for dinner one night before summer ends (an old tradition)
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August Goals:

  1. Read a fiction book
  2. Read a non-fiction book
  3. Write down as much information as I can while the Reference Desk is still up
  4. Dishes (ick)
  5. Walk 20 minutes at least twice a week
  6. Get rid of all the mail on my desk
  7. Laundry
  8. Refresh myself on the project I’m pulling out and working on in November.
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I also can’t wait to get done with my writing projects so I can get back to playing video games! Curse this discipline! XD

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Working on establishing some kind of writing habit. I’d like to start with a small goal. 800 words a day. I figure I can always build from there and increase as needed. Of course, have so much to do this month that I’m not sure how much of anything outside of medical appointments I’ll get done.

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It might be a week into August but I finally have my goals:

Production Goals

  • Plot NaNo '19
  • Flesh out the plot that was scribbled down last week
  • Create Pinterest Moodboard
  • Sketch out characters
  • Write 3 - 5 blog posts

Personal Goals

  • Pack work breakfast/lunches the night before (1 week down, 3 to go!)
  • 30 min work out 3x a week
  • Meal Prep Sundays (1 week down, 3 to go!)
  • Finish or freeze leftovers
  • Wash dishes every other day - Laundry on Mon & Fri/Sat
  • Have at least 1 day off per week for relaxation - absolutely no chores, work, or errands!

How am I doing this month?


How many times must declare this throughout the forums? I don’t really know.


Really though, I’m working from behind to get the show up. Gotta keep poking the designer for more shows. And I’m stuck with more responsibility (which i don’t really want)

I’m probably stuck here for another year (or most of a year at least) but I’m keeping my eye out for anything that interests me.

Contemplating going home for the holidays. Do I save some money, and be stuck at home for two weeks or not save money and have some alone time. Something something sanity.

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My goal for the month is to decide on a goal for the month.