ASMR fans?

So, I’ve became a very big fan of different kind of ASMR ( Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ) channels and ASMR ambiences. Is there any other “fan” of whispers, mouth sounds, tapping etc…?

Some of my favorite Youtube channels are TingTing ASMR, ChynaUnique and KatieBlue ASMR ( I don’t remember right now, are those written correctly ) plus some ambience channels like Miracle Forest and rpg ambient sounds.


Unfortunately no. As a misophonia sufferer, ASMR makes my skin crawl. It’s a fascinating phenomenon though. I get why people like it.

I’m not sure if I can call myself fan but I do like to listen ASMR during writing or in the evenings to get my self to sleep.

Me strangely, despite my many sensory/auditory processing issues. I don’t think I get ASMR (if I do it is very weak and very infrequent) but honestly it tunes my brain out when my insommia/anxiety/hyperactivity kicks in badly. I love GoodnightMoon, Angelica ASMR, The White Rabbit, CrinkleLuvinASMR and I’m starting to get into Amy Kay ASMR and Mixed ASMR!

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Well, maybe I used the wrong word but that’s the only one I could figure out right when made this topic :rofl:

Enthusiast, perhaps?

Or maybe I shouldn’t have put anything else than ASMR. Though, that sounds bit dumb, come to think of it. But enthusiast is bit… I don’t know, an overkill.

As far as I can tell I don’t get typical ASMR. I actually tend to find those videos rather grating on the nerves. Some more than others. I think the closest I get (it’s hard to know if it’s the same feeling after all) is through music. Certain pieces of music give me something that resembles the sensation people talk about with ASMR.

I used to hate ASMR, it just kept grating on my nerves (I guess I’m slightly misophonic) but recebtly I’ve figured that some ASMRs help me sleep. I most often prefer different role plays, CrinkleLuvin ASMR’s medical RPs are my absolute favourite. TingTing ASMR also does generally good ASMR, BlueKatie is also one of my favourites. I really like ASMR done in Japanese (PASMO ASMR is also one on my favs) for some reasons. From Finnish ASMRtists ASMR Sita Sofia also does some good videos. She also has role plays and also like general stuff that doesn’t really need any understanding of Finnish. She also has some videos done in Thai. Not sure if she has any in English, might do or might not.

But yeah, I do like to watch ASMR, even though I only really get those tingly feels with visual triggers (the best is shining light) - and that really doesn’t work when trying to sleep. There might be other working triggers as well but so far visual ones are the absolute best.

I love ASMR! I watch a lot, but my most recent discovery was AlexAuASMR, who has some really good stuff!