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If you think you have experience to offer your fellow writers and are open to being asked (almost) anything about it, post here.


  • I’m mixed race
  • I’m adopted
  • I teach English in China
  • I experience synesthesia
  • I’m colorblind
  • I’m a zookeeper
  • I make miniatures
  • I do historical reenactments

…and so on! Add as many things as you feel comfortable offering your personal experience on, and anyone reading can ask about. (And of course, you’re free not to answer certain things if you don’t want to.)


I’ll begin! Sorry if double-posting is frowned upon, but I really hate putting my own responses in the original post.

Hit me up if you need some first-hand help with the following:

  • I’m half-Asian, half-white, from the US
  • Non-binary gender
  • Aromantic and asexual (experience neither romantic nor sexual feelings)
  • Life in Southern California
  • Left-hand path paganism
  • Grew up in a Christian cult from the Philippines

Disclaimer: any feedback I give is my individual experience and I don’t speak for every person who fits one or more of these categories.


Hi. I’m Janie. Feel free to hit me up for any of the following:

20 something
Full Time RVer
Life in Arizona
Life in Texas
Life in Grand Canyon National Park

If I think of anything else that’d be of interst to you all I’ll edit later.


I presume this is how you ask something; correct me if I’m wrong!

@Janiemoose I was wondering how homeschooling works. I’m not really familiar with the system as a whole. So, I’m not sure if you have exams or assignments or anything of the like? I was wondering if you could give me a basic rundown of how it works. :slight_smile:

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Homeschooling is interesting. In certain states in the USA, the schools have a program that they put out where its the school work from the state/school, but it’s designed to do at home. I don’t think of that as true homeschooling even though technically it is.

There’s another kind of homeschooling which is what I did. My mom ordered the curriculum off the internet. (you can get examples from When the books arrived, we worked through them at my own pacing and eventually, when I was done, she’d order more.

My curriculum was from a Christian worldview (which is one of the reasons I was homeschooled). Even though my history and geography and etc. was Christian, math is still math. Spelling is still spelling.

I had tests, but none of the final end of the year state testing that we have here. I was fortunate to escape that. We didn’t have to register with the government although I know some states do (California) and some countries do.

Some people look down on homeschooling because we “don’t get a good education”. That’s nonsense. I have as good as an education as those around me. I may struggle with some subjects, but don’t we all? (spelling I’m looking at you. Thank goodness for spell check lol)

Another thing people criticize is “You don’t socialize!” Well, I lived in a remote, national park for 5 years of my life. I couldn’t socialize with people my age because there weren’t any! And the few that were there, didn’t like me because I was different than them. I socialized with adults. In fact, I still get along better with adults than I do with people my own age. Just because I didn’t socialize in a school and in a somewhat forced environment, doesn’t mean I have all the social interaction I need.

This got much longer than I thought it would, but I hope it answered your questions. :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any more questions!



This is a really interesting read! Internet social areas (forums, social media, etc.) introduced me to a lot of homeschooled kids over the years. I also wonder if living in Grand Canyon NP is as amazing as it sounds. I love it there, but living in and visiting a place are two different beasts.

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Thank you very much! I learned a lot through that read. I’d made a lot of internet friends who were homeschooled and I’d no clue how it actually worked. I consider it a really interesting from of education. I don’t see it ever taking off here in the country where I come from unfortunately, but should it ever do, I think it’ll be pretty amazing. Thanks again for your response! :slight_smile:

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@yuuen I think a lot of homeschoolers are on the interenet, particularly here, because homeschooling allows you to cultivate a sense of art whether that’s writing, music, painting, etc. Public schooling in the US is slowly doing away with those types of things even though they are still around. I’d say in 50 years, art of any kind will be discouraged and looked down upon. But I digress.
Yes the Grand Canyon is an amazing place to live. I’m glad I’m not there anymore because it’s very isolated. It takes an hour to get to the grocery store, 1.5 hours to get to a walmart, and 2 to get to Costco. We certainly learned how to buy in bulk. That being said, I appreciate my time there because it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

@A_PATH I’m so glad I was able to help! I was so afraid I’d rambled and wasn’t going to help anyone. I personally, think that homeschooling should be popular everywhere, but I’m a little partial. lol It’s a great way for everyone to learn at their own pace, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not for everyone.


What makes me useful:

I’m a 40-ish female
A mom to 3 grown kids
Married almost 19 years
Been through loss of pregnancy/child and fiance
Home schooled my kids
Multiple tattoos
Had 15 surgeries
I have a spinal cord stimulator implanted in my back with a battery pack implanted under the skin of my low back. (Creeps people out when I show it!)
I deal with chronic pain
I have journaled for 30 years


@Janiemoose As a home school mom, I see this in my kids. They are grown now, but they always got along better and conversed better with adults. At one point when my oldest was 15 and spent time with other kids, he told me it was hard to connect with them because their priorities and lifestyle were so different. He didn’t care about the latest shoes or TV shows or gossip. Both my kids still say they are glad they were home schooled. That is a relief to me! :smile:


Personal experience I’m open to discussing:

  • Female, in my 40s
  • Autistic, undiagnosed until I was 35, advocate in Canada
  • Asexual
  • Have psoriatic arthritis (auto-immune issue - diagnosed last year/2018) - and psoriasis
  • I’m good with computers, including the basics of HTML and CSS (yes, I like manually coding some of my website stuff, and spent years looking down on WYSIWYG, though not anymore)
  • lived most of my life (until I was 35) in Toronto, ON, Canada
  • now live in St. John’s, NL, Canada (in case anyone wants specific city/province info on Canada!)
  • have worked in school admin offices in Toronto
  • have a fascination with genetics (and have an advanced layperson’s knowledge, though I’m not a geneticist and my specific scientific knowledge is lacking)
  • have experienced low iron anemia
  • have experienced hypoglycemia
  • have experienced a (n odd) type of panic attacks
  • Cat person! I’ve lived with cats my entire life. Currently have one blue tabby whose right hind foot was amputated before she was six months old (that’s when I got her). Have had moggies and Burmese cats.
  • Fascinated by predator and pack behaviour, so have done some research on that

And that’s basically all I can think of to mention at the moment! If I remember some other stuff, I’ll undoubtedly come back and either edit/update or add another post to this topic.


stuff you can ask me about

  • I’m British and I’ve lived in the North East of England my entire life

  • homeschooling or education in the UK in general

  • I’m an asexual, aromantic, agender teen (no sexual attraction, no romantic attraction, and the stupidest thing in the world; the gender defined as not having a gender)

  • I have hypermobility and chronic headaches

  • I have a vitamin d deficiency

  • fatigue and insomnia, and having both at the same time (yes it does happen and it sucks)

  • depression and anxiety (…in teens)

  • if you have any questions about how things in the UK work compared to other countries e.g America, I might be able to help you out

  • I’m a mythology (mostly greek and roman, but in general too) and general history Nerd so while I’m not an expert and my specific knowledge in some areas is lacking, I still know a lot and might be of some help :slight_smile:


Yes!! I can relate to that so much! My friends always joked that I was a 35 year old in the body of a 15 year old. lol

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Hello, fellow AAA! :wave:



-Ann Arbor, MI to Seattle, WA transplant
-Christian Biblical Counselor
-Came to faith at 24, after having talked several people out of their own faith and generally being a very adamant atheist
-Chef by trade (went to culinary school, worked in many different types of restaurants)
-Currently working with homeless teenagers
-I have Factor V Leiden, and have had a DVT
-I own two indoor pet rabbits
-I am intimately familiar with the board game industry
-I have been dying my own hair for ~15 years
-Straight edge
-I have hitchhiked
-I have had 4 hand and one throat surgery (nerve repair, tendon repair, and scar tissue removal, and 1/2 my thyroid removed)
-I get terribly motion sick
-I do all sorts of crafty things: sew, knit, crochet, quill, embroider, wood burn, etc.)
-I did back stage theater stuff through highschool and part of college


Fantastic! Are you in the Pomona Valley region?

Hello! I am Jennifer!

  • I had a mother who was being treated for OCD in the 1980s and 1990s, and visited her in many different hospital and therapy settings.

  • Both of my parents each had two emergencies at home that I had to call 911 for.

  • We were hoarders and living in unsanity conditions.

  • I was brought up to take up whatever path I wanted, especially being encouraged by a mother who said she was A-Zen.

  • My mom was in four different hospitals or convalescence care for four months straight before dying.

  • I lost both of my parents in the span of three years and ten days. My mom was 56 and my dad was 61. While I was 29 and 32 respectfully.

  • I am a seeker of energy work, natural remedies, and using mantras before I go to Western med.

  • I am a practitioner of the Law of Attraction, Synchronicity, and Flow.

  • I am asexual and mostly aromantic

  • I am an expert about things related to Agent Carter, Kitty Pryde, and Pete Wisdom from Marvel films and comics.

  • I have worked at both Borders Books and a Uni bookstore that is operated by Follett.


I’m actually in San Diego, right on the border :sunglasses:

  • Mid-30s cis female
  • Australian
  • Dual UK-Australian citizen
  • Biromantic asexual
  • Mentally ill (major depressive disorder/clinical depression and social anxiety disorder, the latter of which causes panic attacks)
  • University graduate (BA in Communication)
  • Severely nearsighted with astigmatism
  • Atheist
  • Photographer
  • Experience migraines
  • Writer of fanfic
  • Love to cook
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Hi there!

  • 20s
  • Former TV and newspaper reporter
  • Former school picture day photographer
  • Cat owner
  • Political candidate (x2)
  • Cable access show producer
  • Political reporter
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