Anyone Want an Audiobook Excerpt of Your Story?

I’m back! :smile: I experimented with this before on the old site. I’m not a professional, nor do I have any recording equipment save my chromebook, so don’t expect these to be Amazon Audible quality or anything, but I will give it my best shot just for fun. I have three jobs so I will be very slow getting to these - sometimes it may take me several weeks. This thread will stay open, though, most of the time any anyone can submit. For sake of fairness/consistency, FAILURE TO READ AND FOLLOW EVERY ONE OF THE RULES MEANS YOUR SUBMISSION WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE DONE.


  1. *These are not first come first serve. Even if your submission meets all the requirements I reserve the right to refuse any submission with or without reason.
  2. Don’t give me your entire book. Any submission from present, past, or future Nano projects is fine but if it’s going to take me forever to read it I reserve the right to trim the beginning or end of it.
  3. I am a 27-yo white female with an alto-to-first-soprano voice and my repertoire of accents is limited. See here for specifics. TLDR, ask me first, if it’s not an easy accent. It may be on my “no” list.
  4. To be considered, the passage from your story in your submission MUST be written entirely in past tense (“I said, he did, they went, she thought”) NOT present tense (“I say, he does, they go, she thinks”) The only exception to this rule is if it’s written in script format.
  5. I allow for dialects but PLEASE check your grammar and spelling VERY VERY VERY thoroughly before submitting to me. If I can’t easily edit it to make sense when read aloud, I will ask you to do some editing before I consider it.
  6. These are the rules for content of excerpt. TLDR - In general keep everything PG or at the worst a very mild PG-13 and if you have doubts ask me.
  7. If the book genre itself is erotic fiction of any sort, political commentary, dystopia, or is blood/gore/horror/demonic I won’t do it. I’m far more likely to do sci-fi/fantasy, mystery/mild thriller, clean romance, clean comedy, adventure, and historical fiction than anything else because that’s the kind of thing I write.


Title/Working Title:
Author Name :
Characters involved and their Descriptions/Voices :
Passage you want me to read: (I prefer links to having the text here but it’s not a rule)
Anything else at all you think I might need to know to help me read it better:

And that’s it! Thanks!

These are the ones that I did previously. Apologies for snuffly breathing at places. I suffer from TERRIBLE allergies almost year-round.

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I have a question. Is there a desired text length so that an excerpt doesn’t get ridiculously long should you choose to do it?

Preferably nothing that’d take me more than 10-15 minutes to read. Like, one chapter or less.

Okie dokie.

Did you want one?

Yes, please. I’m just having computer issues and am too lazy. xP My stories aren’t on my kindle.

OK. You might want to consider a onedrive or other cloud account for writing projects. I discovered they’re a lifesaver some time ago when I lost an old computer.

Thanks. : ) I had all of my stories on a flash drive, but my old laptop was tanking it and freezing every time I tried to do something. I’ll have them all ready to go today.