Ambient Sound / Soundscapes

Soundscapes or ambient sound are great if you need a sense of atmosphere, or just to relax or mask noise in your environment, but you don’t want the distraction of music.

Some sites I like (please feel free to add more):

multilayered scenes

simple sounds:


Ambient Mixer is probably my favorite out of those. I really enjoy the Harry Potter themed ones that people have made. Hogwarts Train in a Storm is a favorite.

In a pinch, I have also found that there are a couple of “fan” emulators that have helped me sleep while in hotel rooms. :laughing:

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I just go with rain on tent, it brings the right writing mood really often

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Usually, I go with rain… on any surface ( tent, roof… ). And it has to have thunder, and sometimes wind.
But I’ve also found some nice ambiance channels on Youtube and like to check them now and then.