Amanda Palmer

Anyone else here an AFP fan? I’m listening to the new album right now, There Will Be No Intermission (warning for those not familiar and about to Google it, the cover art is NSFW). It’s totally my writing jam right now.

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I love Amanda Palmer! I’ve been listening to a lot of her music quite randomly. I don’t know much about the albums, I’m just listening to several songs, but haven’t found a song I didn’t like.

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One of my favorite albums is the Australia album… er… ::checks their phone:: Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under. It has a lot of my favorite songs of hers on it.

There Will Be No Intermission has been in my bookmarks for a while now, I know nothing about Amanda Palmer but it looks very interesting

As much as I love There Will Be No Intermission it is maybe not the best foundation album to start with for Amanda Palmer’s stuff. It’s very different from the rest of her works.

:thinking: Do you know any Dresden Dolls? Yes, Virginia or their titular album are good places to start. Or if you want to skip just to her solo work, Who killed Amanda Palmer? is very good.

Never heard of them. What are the differences between her works?