All the myriad *-punks

so while playing with my 13 realms of fantasy, and imagining it’s pasts and futures I started to think of things like shadowrun being a fantasy cyberpunk, and thinking about Fantasy steampunk, and Fantasy stone punk… and suddenly I was trying to build a timeline of the temporal *-punk genre fiction (omitting things that are less about time and world specific like candy punk and magic punk and which are just decorative styling on the story or setting EDIT: Time to add these)
here’s what I’ve got so far:
Stone punk, Sandal Punk, Castle Punk, Ren Punk, Sail Punk, Clock Punk, Steam Punk, Diesel Punk, Rocket Punk, Atom Punk, …, Punk, i-Punk, Cyber Punk, Solar Punk.

you might notice a hollow spot in there, and it’s right around 1965-1980. There does seem to be a gap between the dusk of the nuclear age and the dawn of actual Punk. And I can’t figure out how to establish a … Hippy Punk. I mean it’s got the counter culture, drugs and sex, music, anti-corporate consumerism, learning tricks and ways to do things for yourself. It’s all there in some measure but it’s not defined it’s feel and name to me yet (I don’t think hippy punk works). also there may be a smaller gap between the end of Punk and before i-Punk (my name for the i-mac through the i-phone time period).

You might also note that I split some up (Ren and Clock punk might be viewed as the same but I think of one as more Davinci tech [1400s-1600s] and the other as more Roentgen’s mechanical furniture[1700s-1800s]) while sail punk is a bit more Pirates of the Caribbean (1600s-1700s). Rockets and importantly the raygun gothic ideas caught the imagination before the nuclear bomb and nuclear power plant became a thing, so I split the atom… into Raygun Gothic(rocket punk) and Atom punk.

EDIT: There are also magic punk, candy punk, monster punk (think pokemon used ala flintstone), and major punk varients like Tesla punk, Cattle punk, Casette punk, Deco punk, dungeonpunk (adds mages, elves and dwarves to castle punk), Disco punk, alchemy punk, …

any thoughts or ideas on the *-punk timeline?

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I think the closest I know of that’d fit into the missing slot is Cassette Futurism! It’s usually considered to be around the 1970-1990 period. I guess Cassette Punk would be the -punk term for it?

I do actually like the idea of a hippie punk, but my brain ends up looping it around to solar punk whenever I try to think about it. I feel like they would’ve liked that one.

Hmm, I’d looked at the Casette futurism idea a bit earlier but it was describe more of the early 80s look.

I did come across something they called Transistor Punk, which I like the idea of the tech focus again, and transistors made ‘smaller and cheaper radios, calculators and early computers’ possible. The first cassette recorders, and poloroid cameras came about then too.

The time period had the cold war and spies, the Mods as well as hippy counter culture, civil right, gay rights and birth control.

In cyberpunk there are those on the inside of Mega Corps, gangs, organized crime, average citizens, drugged out bums, and the hackers and street samurai.

I feel like the transistor times has all the makings for those things. just have to sort out the way it all goes together.

I’m also thinking about how the original Punk sort of faded from the front of things by 1984, and my next *-punk doesn’t really take off until 98. so that’s a gap I may want to fill.

Got it!
Stone punk, Sandal Punk (egypt-rome), Castle Punk (middle ages 500-1450), Ren Punk (da Vinci 1450-1650), Sail Punk (Pirates of the Caribbean 1650-1720), Clock Punk (Roentgens Furniture 1720-1830), Steam Punk, Diesel Punk, Atom Punk (1945-1965), Transistorpunk(hippies, spies and cassettes 65-74), Punk (74-84), Nintendo Punk (NES, gameboy and grunge music 85-98), i-Punk(imac-iphone, hip-hop/rap 98- now), Cyber Punk, Bio punk.

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Adding Decopunk, Teslapunk and Western Steampunk

Decopunk is the bright and optimistic sister of dark and gritty Dieselpunk. 1920-30’s Art Deco inspired, similar tech as Dieselpunk.

Teslapunk is more electicity/Tesla Coil based tech.

Western Steampunk (sometimes also called cattlepunk): similar tech as Steampunk, but setting is more inspired by the wild west than Victorian England.

I’ve also seen the terms Candlepunk or Dungeonpunk for the medieval inspired Castlepunk.

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I always considered Tesla and Deco to really just be part of diesel, just different areas or groups. A Metropolis/Gotham if you will. Same with western/cattlepunk and steampunk.

I sort of mentally organize them into 4 loose super eras: Material ages, mechanical, drive force and knowledge as power.
stone, copper, bronze, iron, steel; wooden cog wheels, sails and pullies, clockwork escapments weights pendulums and springs; steam, diesel, atomic; computers and internet, and ultimately biopunk may e bridging into a fifth that is tech based on the fundamentals of life.
stone is stone, sandal is metals, castle bridges between material and mechanical, Ren is mechanical, sail is mech, clock is mech, steam bridges between mech and drive force. diesel is drive, transistor bridges between drive and knowledge, and knowledge carries us all the way to bio.

there may be room to split diesel into petrol and electric and put tesla and electric on the atomic side and diesel on the steam side.

I’ve always felt that each of these include the various subtype. Steam is the powersource for everyone from the cowboy through the victorian gentle person into the last samurai. and Diesel, deco and tesla were simply different neighborhoods in the same time period.

but I should edit the post in include the sub varients and aesthetic varients.

Yeah, they’re more like subcategories/variants of other punks. But I thought I’ll add them because maybe they provide some kind of inspiration for someone. For the broad strokes you pretty much have everything covered :slight_smile: