Agent Carter: Peggy Carter Probably Saves the World

I am without a shadow of a doubt obsessed with all things related to Agent Carter. I live by What Would Peggy Carter Do? I often recite to people her famous quote “I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.” Peggy Carter was just the theme of my wedding and I am known professionally as The Flamingo Girl. I am a better version of me because of Peggy and her show.

What about you? Are you a fan of Peggy? Of Jarvis? Of anyone else from the show? Do you want to see more Peggy?

I was so sad when that show ended. It was an awesome period piece with a cast I really loved, doing things that were awesome, but also having to deal with being actually human with normal (mostly) amounts of training.

Also, I want her outfits.

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Anyone can be Peggy Carter–which is the prime reason why I think she resonates with so many. She is making the conscious choice to stop those who try to limit others.

There is a group of people on Facebook who have researched the designs and have made their own outfits. There are also people in the group who have been hired to sew dresses for others! :smiley: I can link you to the group if you would like.

Ooh, I would be interested in that. I don’t get to sew clothing much, but it’s always handy to have something on hand for the random con/fandom event :smile:

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I watched the first couple of episodes but for some reason I stopped, don’t know why. I plan to finish it eventually - probably after I get through the Marvel Netflix shows!

But that being said, I knew enough to be super excited about Jarvis showing up in Endgame! also I would love to see some of the agent Carter crew in the last season of agents of shield *wink wink nudge nudge marvel*

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