Adopt A Name

Take whatever names you want. Leave some names of your own that you can’t use.

Male Names Name Meaning      Female Names Name Meaning
Jacob Butz Supplanter | Scarecrow      Annegret Specht Grace + Pearl | Woodpecker
Keegan Barwick Son of Fire | Barley Farm      Tatyana Petrov unknown | Stone
Javier Crespo New House | Curly Hair      Veronica Seidel True Image | Beer Mug
Tyson Trigg Firebrand | Loyal      Aliyah Zingel Rising | Castle Wall
Ren Hisakawa Love / Lotus | Ancient Stream      Kylee Peet Graceful | Stone
Quintin Dinwiddie Fifth | Wooded Hill      Rebecca Jinks To Bind | God is Gracious
Sebastian Barre Venerable Town | Hill      Raven Buchholz Raven | Beech Tree
John Fairfield God is Gracious | Beautiful Field      Anissa McAdoo Pure | Black Hound
Junior Wickham Younger One | Home Town      Maria Salinas Love | Salt
Nicholas Hardesty People's Victory | Bold Friend      Brittany Ransom Britain or Breton | Shield Wolf
Jonathan Roach Gift of God | Rock Dweller      Larissa Duarte Cheerful | Rich Guard
Colby Braddock Coal Town | Broad Oak      Gabrielle Lachance Heroine of God | Luck
Dayton Stennett Beloved | Crown      Kristina Bauer Annointed | Farmer
Jeffrey Nash Peaceful Territory | Ash Tree      Mackenzie Whitmore Handsome | White Bog
Abraham Hersch Father of Many | Deer      Jaqueline Cheever Supplanter | Goat
Noah Dahl Comfort | Valley      Kaylee Marco Slender | Warlike
Mohammad Karim Praiseworthy | Noble      Marissa Kelly Of the Sea | Brightheaded / Strife
Dillon Snow Great Tide | White / Pale      Alexis Sherrard Defender | Bright Hard
Aleksy Kaczor Defender | Duck      Jessica Wendel Foresight / Vision | Vandalic
Thomas Dolan Twin | Dark Defiance      Gillian Winters Youthful | Winter
Izotz Otxoa Ice | Wolf      Faith Ballentine Faith | Fire of the Lord
Marshall Wolf Horse Servant | Wolf      Alyssa Altieri Noble Sort | Wise Power
Bryce Glover Speckled | Glove Maker      Lacie Voss family name | Fox
Darren Blackmore Great | Dark Lake      Jessie Barragan Gift | Strong Warrior
Everett Cosgrove Brave Boar | Thicket      Ursula North Little Bear | North
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Adopting Brittany Ransom, Gabrielle Lachance, and Darren Blackmore

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