Adopt a Character

Sometimes writers develop amazing characters that don’t fit in any of their worlds. We hate to see those characters sit around, twiddling their thumbs, so why not share them with fellow writers?

Have a great idea for an heroic hero? A villainous villain? A lovely love interest? A quirky side character? Put them up for adoption, here.

Snow Wolfsong is quiet and seems shy but that’s because she sees ghosts around every corner and they keep her company. She needs a plot to live out her story in.
Snow is brave but anxious and when in doubt she looks up to the Galaxies above

  1. A woman is in love with her Italian heritage. She has two children, both of whom she named after cities in Italy. The oldest, her daughter, is named Sicily, while her younger son is Venice.

  2. A young man living in a dystopian world armed with guns and a dog whistle. With that dog whistle, he controls a pack of domesticated dogs and fights against the government that has taken over his country.

  3. A young woman whose job is to check in on key political figures in her country in a post-apocalyptic setting. Her job requires her to travel often and, because she contains valuable information, she is easily made a target.

  4. A young man who is forced to live in the slums of the city. With his magic, he sets out to reform and improve the living conditions of the people living there in exchange for money. His actions draw the attention of the corrupt government.

  5. A young man in his late twenties to early thirties. Ever since he was four, he has been haunted by visions of his death and has worked to avoid that death all of his life. It began with throwing a tantrum to avoid a deadly car accident outside of the doctor’s office when he was a child.

  6. A man, worn and weary from the world, who once saved that same world with his best friend, the hero. However, when his best friend and his best friend’s girlfriend learn that his best friend is fated to die from the priest at a respected temple, the man grows angry. In order to protect his best friend, he turns to villainy and becomes a god slayer in order to help prevent his friend’s death.

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