Addition to the trigger warning post in the Ref Desk

This is relatively minor, but I just read the sensitive content/trigger warning post in the Reference Desk and wanted to toss out a suggestion: right now, it only suggests adding the “trigger-warning” tag and the example only uses the generic “potentially triggering content”. While I assume these are intended to just be examples, they’re pretty useless in practice–most people don’t need or want to avoid ALL possible triggers, after all, just specific ones! It’d be useful if the post clarified that people should ideally use more specific trigger warnings, e.g. “child abuse”, “sexual assault”, “eating disorders”, so people can mute the tags and avoid the topics that are of particular concern to them.


I agree. A general trigger warning is helpful, but it would be great if specific triggers could be listed.


Generally, I think that the specific triggers are already part and parcel of the thread title. Input from rape survivors wanted, please.

But then you get the Can someone help me with this? titles for threads about rape or abuse. A complete title change is warranted in those cases.


lol ngl it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine when a title is like “Sexual assault and extreme violence against abused children who all have eating disorders and there’s so much gore and guns and bestiality and suicide and also swearing… trigger warning…” yeah the title made that pretty obvious!!


More specific trigger warnings are definitely the plan, we’re currently in the process of trying to compile a list and figure out how best to format them.

We can’t of course promise to have a trigger for everything (anything can be a trigger after all), but the more common ones are definitely coming. And can be retroactively added to threads if needed.

So I’d say keep the suggestions coming. We’re bound to find one we hadn’t thought to add.