About the The Coffeehouse category

General all-ages friendly chat about things that don’t have their own category! Please be mindful of language and content in this forum. This is an All Ages forum :sunny:

The All Ages Coffeehouse is a forum for anything that doesn’t fit somewhere else, but still isn’t quite off topic. Confusing enough for you? Don’t sweat it; it’s the catch-all for everything that doesn’t fit somewhere else, and is all-ages appropriate! .

Before posting here, please check the other forums to see if there’s a forum your thread or question might fit in better. All Ages can be a bit hectic, so specific questions may fall by the wayside.

Some popular threads that you may be looking for have been moved to other forums! Find them here:

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GAMES : Please post games in the #diversions-procrastination forum. Things got a little out of hand with that last year, so things that were here last year may be moved there. (This includes “lines” threads.) This forum is for discussions, so if you’re just posting silly things to procrastinate, it’s probably better in the Games forum (and it’ll get more traction, that’s a REALLY active, fun forum.)

SOCIAL MEDIA : Please don’t share social media here. That’s what our #helpful-resources:social-media forum is for. please check for an existing thread before creating a new one there! (No, we don’t need 15 different Discord threads!)

###Mod Note, these are in active updating, links go to old site. Will update soon.

If you have tech help questions, site suggestions, or rules questions, this isn’t the place to ask. We have three forums dedicated for that purpose, and you can find them in the Mechanics, Logistics, and Other Technical Stuff section of the forums. Games live in the Games forum, so if it’s for fun, post there. If you’ve got a writing groups, that’s in the #finding-your-crew forum.

Please be aware that the Coffee House is an all ages forum (as indicated by the title and the sun icon. This means no profanity, and no discussions of violence or sexuality. Be mindful when posting!

Have fun, and enjoy your stay!