About the Life After NaNo category

Withdrawal symptoms? You’re not alone. This is just the place to pass the time before the next National Novel Writing Month.
There IS Life After NaNo… just because the event is over on November 30, doesn’t mean we go away! This is your home for discussing non-NaNo things, your plans after nano, etc. We’re here year-round!

What to post here:

Anything about writing, writing after NaNoWriMo, what’s going on after NaNoWriMo!

What NOT to post here:

Anything that fits in a regular forum. We realize that this may be busier than other forums, but choose an appropriate forum by topic, not by traffic. Improperly placed threads will be moved without notice.

  • Genre questions, plot questions, how to reach 50k, how the site works, those all have forums for your discussions.
  • Any kind of novel draft aftercare question. If it’s about publishing, editing, or critiquing, there’s a forum for that.
  • Games. No games or roleplays. There’s forums for that!
  • Any questions about our sponsor offers. If you have a question about our Special Offers, please post it over in the Sponsor Offers (#official-stuff:special-offers-from-our-sponsors).

You can find your special offer codes in the Winner Prizes block on the front page AFTER November is over. Generally by the 5th of December. DO NOT create threads to ask about special offers. Codes will be distributed when they are available (it is not an automatic process), and details will be posted in several prominent places on the website. There will be a dedicated thread here for offering codes you aren’t going to use.

Be sure to check out Wikiwrimo, the unofficial NaNoWriMo wiki, for a list of timed challenges outside of November!