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A map of the parts of the world where amateur novelists are loved, admired, and given free shrimp dinners. Share your favorite resources and writerly websites.

Have a perfect resource that you can’t live without? Know of another writing site that has a community nearly (but no quite as) awesome as ours? Name generators? Plot Monkeys? TV Tropes? This is the place to share!

This is also a great place to ask if you have particular needs, but don’t know what resources might meet that need.

Do a quick search (Menu bar, top right) before posting, since the odds are good someone else has posted.

What not to post here: Your personal sites, or software.

We have the Classifieds for self promotion (#outside-the-box:classifieds) and Software and tech forum (#helpful-resources:software-tech) for standalone software and apps.

For social media sites, head to Social Media (#helpful-resources:social-media).

And no, we haven’t found that free shrimp dinner. We’re working on that one.


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