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Don’t know what to name your main character’s third uncle? Have a place that needs a better moniker than “MC’s Home Town”? Can’t find the title that will make your novel a bestseller? Appellation Station is the place where all of our naming experts gather.

Definition of APPELLATION1: an identifying name or title : designation

What is this forum all about? Well, anyone who used the Plot Doctoring forum knows that names and naming threads fill up a forum fast. Now naming threads of all kinds, from titles to pen names, have their very own forum!

Before posting, we do ask that you check out the Adoption Society (#plot-doctoring:adoption-society) where you’ll find adopt-a-name style threads to help. If you’re dying to give away a handful or more of names, that’s where to go.

Note : When making a thread asking for naming help, it is super-helpful to include your story’s genre, time period, and location in your post. A young Czech woman in 2013 will have a different name from a young Chinese woman in 700 AD, who will have a different name from a young woman who’s an alien space captain in a different galaxy.

Helpful Threads in Appellation Station:

There’s also some great resources web-wide for finding names for everything you can imagine:

Rinkworks Fantasy Name Generator
Behind the Name
Wikipedia’s list of old demon names
Social Security (US gov org) with data on name popularity by year from 1897
Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE) database: England from the late sixth to the late eleventh century
Old Norse names
Medieval Name Archive (Compiled by member of the SCA)
Yafnag -“Yet Another Fantasy Name Generator”
20000 Names
Fake Name Generator
Kate Monk’s Onomastikon (Dictionary of Names)
Oxford’s Baby Name Generator (take a quiz, get a name)
Babycenter’s Baby Names
Random Name Generator
Chinese Name Generator (in Chinese)
Name Generator Fun
Names @ Mongabay (common US surnames)

Pseudo-Elizabethan Place Name Generator
Muddle’s Wilderness Location Generator
Natural Geographic Feature Generator (found this while trying to name a mountain range!)

Fiction Alley Title Generator
Random Title Generator (mdbenoit.com)
Random Book Title Generator (warpcoresf.co.uk)
Random Book Generator (mcoorlim.com)
Book Title Generator (kitt.com)

Seventh Sanctum: If you’re an writer, you should bookmark this one. Generators for everything you can think of… and then some! (I’m fond of the tavern name generator)
Springhole.net random generators
Chaotic Shiny

Thanks to calante for the suggestion for the name for the naming forum, and thanks to everyone who contributed links last year!