About page unresponsive

The About page might maybe have a little much trying to load all at once.

YIKES! I see what’s happening. It’s all the MLs being listed as moderators for the regional forums that is causing that.

When the rest of the forums are up (and the rest of the MLs are added) that page isn’t going to function at all.

Shit. Okay. I’ll turn that off then. All it really does is add flag review functionality anyway for the forum.

Looks like it will load, it just takes a minute.

I finally got it to load after about 8 timeouts. Any way to move Site Statistics somewhere else?

I doubt it. Why would we want to move that?

Yeah, it’s just really slow.

Although here’s a bit of oddness, the JSON version for API usage loads almost instantly.

I just removed the ML group from the moderator list. That should resolve the issue. :slight_smile:

I should have saved the JSON version. I must have pulled it just before you turned that off. The file I got initially was huge but still loaded fast. :slight_smile:

So that people could actually see it. But taking out the ML group works just as well.