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I’m pleased to present this special offer on behalf of our returning sponsor, 4thewords!


Hello Wrimos!

Hope you’ve had a fantastic year so far and that your preparations for the epic adventure that is NaNoWriMo are going well. We’re making our own preparations and wanted to get a temporary forum post up for the time being. Our full Forum post with more information and teasers for our Special Event in November will be up on October 1st.

What is 4thewords?

4thewords is an online writing game built like a classic role-playing game. Players use quests, monster battles and character progression to stay motivated on their latest writing project.

You use your words, specifically your word count, to defeat monsters, earn loot, complete Quests, and unlock wardrobe items you can dress your avatar with. We feel it’s one of the best ways to motivate yourself, keep a daily writing streak, reach word count goals, and have fun while doing it.

You can use our site to write your words, organize your writing projects, and save your work on the cloud. We’re part of a community of writers from around the world who use 4thewords every day to write, have fun, and connect globally with other writers.

Why 4thewords is great for NaNo:
Get rewarded for keeping a daily writing streak; the longer it gets, the better the rewards (our longest streak is over 1,400 consecutive days!). Here are our Streak Wing Rewards:

Monsters of all shapes and sizes: try our “candy creatures” made of short <100 word sprints, or use the day to write the coveted 1,667. Fight your choice of more than 200+ unique monsters on the site!
Quests and challenges crafted around the 50k goal of NaNoWriMo, including a custom area on our World Map

Lots of Wrimos are already preparing for NaNo in our community: we have a forum board dedicated to NaNo

Cute monsters, character levels, and in-game loot that might be what you need to get past that blank page and crank out large word counts day after day

No risk: sign up with an email for our free 30 day trial and use us during NaNo

We’ll be back soon with more information, in the meantime, feel free to get a head start and begin leveling up your character before the special event kicks off on November 1st. Sign up for your free trial here.

Can’t wait for this adventure to get started!


I joined Jan 2018 and I’ve never looked back, the game is a lot of fun and the community is super friendly. The event we do for NaNo is huuuuuge and always challenges me. My name over there is Penguinball, feel free friend me! (also feel free to DM me for my referral code, we both get rewards if you sign up past the free trial). Of course, the game itself is the TRUE reward :wink:


4thewords is my favourite writing website! i used it for nano last year and i can’t recommend it enough for that motivation to write daily! the quests and beasties make it so much easier to write, write fast, and write more. i swear i wrote about double what i’d normally write per day, every day last november. i can’t wait to find out what the nano event will be this year, and to have time to get stuck into writing.


I loved using 4thewords until I lost a chunk of writing. Just a word of caution - make sure you copy and paste somewhere - back it all up. I was devastated, but was able to cobble together something from memory.

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I’m really sorry to hear that! I had that happen to me once too, but the devs were able to get the words back :frowning:

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Luckily it was only about 400 words, but they were awesome LOL


I too play 4TheWords and I started a separate thread for anyone else who plays to just wanted to trade avatars and chat about the site without having to clog this thread up: 4TheWords Meet-up: Where are my dust warroris at?

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November 3rd will mark one year on 4TheWords for me, and December 5th should be right around my one year writing streak. In that time I’ve written just under 600,000 words. I did not write at all before spontaneously attempting Nano on a whim and joining 4TheWords, and I sincerely doubt I would have continued writing if it wasn’t for the site. The constant events keep things fresh even between Nano months, so there’s always something worth logging on for, and I’d definitely recommend it.


Wow! That’s quite an endorsement. Makes me want to hustle right on over and try it out. Congratulations on your word count!

I’ve been using 4tw for almost four years now. I haven’t missed a day of writing since January 1, 2017–whether it’s story words, blog posts or just journaling about my day and writing issues. I’ll be getting those black and gold flame wings come New Year’s. Can’t wait.

They are always adding new content and there’s a special event of some kind almost every month (with the big month-long ones coinciding with NaNo events) to keep you motivated. I don’t know what I’d do without the site.

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I’d definitely encourage it, especially since if you win Nano you can knock the monthly $4 down to $2 like I did, and get all these left over points for cool wardrobe stuff and to fix your streak when you break it. It’s definitely worth it, and if you stop in now, we’re still at the beginnings of another event! A week long celebration of Costa Rica’s Independence day through coffee and monsters.


I signed up—but it’s got a learning curve I may not be able to crack! I watch my daughters play Zelda and my eyes cross, but I’ll give it a go!