3 Digit Challenge

Another classic NaNo thread. The rules are simple: write the number of words left by the previous poster, then leave the last three digits of your word count as a challenge for the next person.

My WIP is currently at 42,652 words, so I’ll kick this thread off by leaving 652.


I’m taking 652, and leaving 378!

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I’ll take the 378, and leave 589… Now I shall go write the next scene.

Taking 589 and leaving 707.

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Taking 707 and leaving 193! Thanks for motivating me to write my silly pixel dragon fanfiction.

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I’ll take 193, and leave 965. (Sorry it’s a larger number, lol.)

Bigger numbers means it motivates me to write more, lol :smiley:
Taking 965 (oof but I DID IT!) and leaving 183!

Taking 183, leaving 206

Taking 206 and leaving 927