2019 NaNo Goals

Now that we have gotten into September, it’s a good time to start thinking about our goals for this year. Mine are subject to change if life things come up, but following are my goals this year.

Actual Minimum - 54353 (hit 550k lifetime)

Aim Minimum - 104353 (hit 600k lifetime which will make up for what I have fallen short on previous years participating)

Aim - 125521

Stretch Aim - 155551

Dream - 204402 (hit 700k lifetime which will give me a 50k average each year since I started doing Nano, including the years I didn’t participate)


My goal for nano is to write 50k and minimum on 1,6k per day but my dream would be writing 2k per day.


My 2019 Nano goals is to write 2k/day or reach 50-65k, or in other words, finish the novel I’m going to be working that time. Hopefully thinking, with school and all, I would be looking at a finished first draft by the end of November.


At the very least aiming for 3k/day which will include background info and such not done in my planning months.


I’m still a bit undecided and clueless when it comes to this year’s goals. All I can say is that I want at least 100k because I had 6 digits ever since 2012 and I’m determined to keep that streak going.


Heck if I know yet. At least 100k tho!


For me it’ll totally depend on how busy I will be with work. I don’t have a job yet, so I don’t know for sure what I’ll be working as


My main goal is to keep up my winning streak, and I’ve started to get scenes for one of my series.
Whether I’ll do that one or work on one or more projects stuck halfway through a novel, is still up in the air. I’ll probably take two weeks off from work during November to make things easier on myself.


I would like to reach 50k in a week, but it may be hard, 7,2k a day is pretty close to my all time record… But 50k in two weeks is probably not even a challenge. Also i’d very much wish to write through the whole month and not to give up the second i hit 50k, but it’s hard to motivate myself later.


I would like to reach 80k overall this month and write about 2700 words a day. I’d also love a 10k day towards the beginning of the month and not the last day of the month like some years.


These are some seriously high goals. That’s pretty impressive.

I’ve just started a new job and I’m nervous about what I’m going to be able to keep up while I’m working.

Between now and October 20th: 50,000 words OR getting my current novel draft to a good stopping point. I’ve been writing this old thing for years and I gotta take a break.

October 20th-31st: Planning a brand new story for NaNo

minimum-- reach the 20,000 words of previous years
dream goal-- beat 50,000 words!


My main aim is to get the 50k on time, and to write something every day, even if a single forced sentence is all I can do that day. My ideal goal is to average at around 2k per day and to never fall behind par; I know I get demotivated sometimes when I have to write more than 1,667 to stay on target, but I definitely stay motivated when the graph tells me I’m on a roll.

My minimum goal, though, is to have fun with it and stick with the writing until the end of the month; otherwise, what’s the point of the other goals? :wink:


My goals may be a contradiction-- I want to get to 50k, because I really want a Winner’s t-shirt this year ( I love this years theme!), but I also want to stop focusing on word count and just establish a set time each day that I write. I know that i can generally get to around 2k if I work for 3 hours, so I may go into November working around that idea.


Okay, a question for you all. This is the first November where I will have an entire week where I probably can’t write more than my usual minimum of 444. I at least want to be in the Six Digit Shenanigans club. I don’t know what my schedule will be the rest of the month.

Every other year I just outdid myself from the previous, but that’s not what I want to do this time. What does everyone think I should aim for?

It sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what to aim for?

You want six digits, so minimum 100,000 words (also HOW?? that is so many words!). If you write 444 words each day for a week, that’s 3108 words, with 96,892 words for the rest of the month. Which is 4,212 words a day for the rest of the month.

Is that the kind of answer you were thinking of?


Maybe? I could do that. It doesn’t account for my “time to 50k goal”… (I did half a million last year. It was very hard and until I can type faster I’m not going to try to beat that. Or maybe if I have the entire month off?)

On the other hand, going for 4444 words most of the month and just 444 during that week would be pretty funny.

I think I have a better idea now, thanks!

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Dude, I can’t even imagine typing 4,444 words every day for a month. I’d have to literally do nothing else.

But I do like those numbers xD

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On the days I work it is very hard just to get the 444 at times! But in the past I have managed 10k at most on a work day. Still think I’m suffering from some burn out from last November though.

(If you want, I can totally prod you every day in November to make sure you get the 1667 at minimum. We can definitely get you to your dream goal!)

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It’s often not about prodding-- I very rarely forget to write. But thinking of the story takes up space in my head, and work has first priority. I refuse to think about noveling while I’m at work.

In the past, I just haven’t been able to keep up with both commitments at once. Which is fine-- 20,000 words in a month is still wayyy more than I write currently in a month. But I’d like to be able to do more this year.

That said, I’d love a buddy!


Bare minimum goal: 50k

Actual Goal: 60k

Stretch Goal: 90k

I know I can hit 60k in a month, but I’ve always stopped there and haven’t tried to go above that. I want to see how high I can get this month.