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Official Stuff

Announcements and important messages from NaNoWriMo.

Support & Tech Help

This forum is for issues regarding the site, the community, and other stuff as you think of it. Want to know how to do something? Ask here! Something broken? Tell us here!

The Coffeehouse

General all-ages friendly chat about things that don’t have their own category! Please be mindful of language and content in this forum. This is an All Ages forum


A gentle way to start your NaNoWriMo experience. Come in and introduce yourself and your project. If you’re a veteran, stop by and offer your encouragement. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, or a stupid novel.

Story Development

Is your story running out of steam? Are your plot holes so wide you can drive a bus through them? Let our team of literary technicians get your book back on the right footing. Paving over plot holes since 2002.

Novel Draft Aftercare

Because you’re not done yet. Revise, rewrite, proof, edit, submit, and publish! Venture inside to find the tools for the next step in your writing adventure!

Reference Desk

Facts, figures, and personal experiences. Experience the Reference Desk with Subfora! Do woodpeckers get headaches? How far does a hot dog travel on a gas station roller How many butterflies would it take to make a pig fly?

Reaching 50K

Reaching 50k is now your home for everything from deep spiritual wisdom to down-and-dirty word count tricks to help keep that book moving along towards the 50k finish line.

Helpful Resources

A map of the parts of the world where amateur novelists are loved, admired, and given free shrimp dinners. Share your favorite resources and writerly websites.


Countless genres, subgenres, and crossovers combined. Here you can figure out where your novel belongs and more.

Life After NaNo

Withdrawal symptoms? You’re not alone. This is just the place to pass the time before the next National Novel Writing Month.
There IS Life After NaNo… just because the event is over on November 30, doesn’t mean we go away! This is your home for discussing non-NaNo things, your plans after nano, etc. We’re here year-round!

Outside the Box

Nothing is Off Topic anymore! If it doesn’t fit anywhere else, then this is where it goes! If it’s not writing related, then here’s your home!