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FAQ: Common Questions From Beta Testing

Special Q&A session written by @SepiaAndDust and co-opted by staff. :slight_smile: We’ll continue to add this as questions come in!   Why do impossible numbers show up in my notifications balloon? It’s a glitch in …

24 August 19, 2019
Tools for archiving NaNoMail messages, forums posts, or buddy relationships

Created by @NewMexicoKid, there is an unofficial tool for backing up your old site data that isn’t going to carry over to the new site. Tools for archiving NaNoMail messages, forums posts, or buddy relationships

2 August 9, 2019
About the Support & Tech Help category

This forum is for issues regarding the site, the community, and other stuff as you think of it. Want to know how to do something? Ask here! Something broken? Tell us here! When posting bug reports, please include as muc…

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