Reaching 50k

Beyond 50k Going for an ultramarathon? Hit 50K and haven’t found the finish line? Keep writing! This is the home for your and your fellow overachievers. Writing Challenges Want to share your competitive side? Stimulate your word count to unimaginable heights? Go mano-a-nano with other Wrimos to boost your word count & productivity. Step inside and get those creative juices flowing. Shoutouts Hit a milestone and have people you’d like to thank? Want to send a shoutout to everyone who’s been there too? Release your inner joy, and declare your victories to the world! Welcome to shoutouts, your place to crow to the skies about all your accomplishments, NaNo-related or not, small or large. NaNoWriMo Ate My Soul Your laptop won’t boot, the coffee pot is empty, and your cat refuses to move off of the keyboard. This is the premier support group for novelists in distress. This is Going Better Than I Hoped Welcome to success! When everything goes right, these are uplifting stories from the frantic novel-writing front. Prepping & Outlining Outlining your novel? Pantsing or Planning? November is fast approaching! Come here to talk about prepping, outlining, and other tasks leading up to November!
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