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Gamers & Gaming Gamers and writing go hand in hand… usually as a form of procrastination! Find MMORPG guilds, Pokemon trading partners, and talk to fellow game fans about the novels you’re writing. Whether it’s your Final Fantasy on your android to an MMO on your Playstation, your table-top RPG to live action RP, this forum is for all your gaming needs! Script Frenzy Not a novelist, or just want to try your hand at writing a play? Though we don’t have a dedicated site for scripts anymore, we welcome all who are writing them! Classifieds Our own little swap meet where NaNoWriMo participants get a stall to spread the word about their just-released book, sell off their old laptop, share their not-for-profit projects, or sing the praises of their writing blog. Fans & Critics Wild about the latest book-to-movie adaptation? Disappointed in an author’s new offering? Here’s a place to rave or rant. Rebels You’re writing a memoir, an essay, a comic, or something else that’s not a novel. Come join the NaNo Rebels and converse with your fellow outlaws here.
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Welcome to Outside the Box, formerly Off Topic 2 August 3, 2019
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Fallout 1 August 13, 2019
Wiki: Life Note 4 August 9, 2019
Am I a Rebel? Find out here!

Please read this entire thread before posting. Seriously. We’ve probably already answered your question right here. This thread is JUST for asking about whether or not you’re a rebel. Am I a rebel? We get this ques…

8 August 3, 2019
Offers from Non-Participants

As a service to our writers, we are providing a listing of promotions offered by non-NaNo participants. None of these promotions should be considered to be endorsed or approved by NaNoWriMo or its affiliates or staff, a…

3 August 3, 2019
A new rebel! 5 August 1, 2019
Monster Hunter 3 July 31, 2019
Warriors 3 July 2, 2019