Mystery & Thriller The butler invites you into this forum where the mystery writers are gathering to find out who-done-it. He has announcement to make: only one of you will leave… Speculative Fiction Superheroes, supernatural elements, and more. When Sci Fi or Fantasy just doesn’t cut it, you can join us here in Speculative Fiction. Fantasy Other realms unlike our own, where the only limit is your imagination. These are stories in which magic is commonplace and fantastical creatures abound. YA & New Adult Writing about young people? Come compare notes on guiding your characters through growing up with your fellow writers. Historical Fiction Taking a trip through time without the benefit of a time machine? Writing alt-history about Napoleon’s underpants? Come here to pick other historical fiction writers’ brains about how to dress your nineteenth century cowboy, or house your prehistoric explorer! Fanfiction If you’re cross at your crossover, saddened by your ship, or in need of consultation on canon, come here to connect with your fellow fanfiction writers. Romance The young novelist thought she had everything she wanted… until this handsome forum walked into her life and changed everything forever. Horror & Supernatural Danger lurks in every sentence—these terrifying tales will leave your hands trembling as you reach for your keyboard and tap up the tension. Religious & Spiritual Whether you’re writing inspiring religious fiction, or an exploration of spirituality, this is your home to ponder the meaning of it all. Satire & Humor So a novelist walks into a bar. Thankfully, it was dull, or they’d have a new plot point! Literary Fiction Grapple with stories where the human condition is the point. Realistic Fiction Like to keep it real? This is the home for plot-driven stories you can read in a single sitting. Real world, realistic people, realistic situations… but still fiction! Women's Fiction Your home for telling tall tales with the Chick Literati or weaving a heartfelt homage to the challenges of being a modern woman. Science Fiction Interplanetary travel, cyborgs, or extreme technology. Test the outer bounds of science with a fly-by from an Unidentified Fictional Object. Adventure Forbidding locales, extreme quests, and of course… ninjas. These are stories of challenges.
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What's my genre?

Yes, sometimes picking from a list is tough. You may have elements from one or more of the genres that we list here (which is certainly not comprehensive, just representative of the most popular ones amongst participant…

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